Monday, November 14, 2011

I Got Hit By a Bicycle!

Construction sites are a pain no matter where you live. They often redirect traffic and create delays or worse, traffic jams. Here in Amritsar is no different except you have to factor in the extreme differences between driving here and driving in the west. Recently there has been some construction going on along a major road (leading to the world famous Hall Bazaar). They started out burying some kind of huge pipe along the sides of the road. Then they progressed onto making new concrete barriers in the center of the road.

Often there have been times where traffic was combined (going both directions) on one side of the barrier because of the work. It was a crazy mess. Many locals decided to go off the main road and into the side streets to avoid the mess. This just created too much traffic for the narrow roads and it's become a little scary to ride through there.

Coming home last night was no different. Hubby likes to take the side streets but they were excessively crowded tonight. So we were moving kind of slow. A few times we almost got hit by people coming way too close to losing control of their motorcycles while trying to dodge other traffic, dogs and cows. I had tucked my feet as far inward as I could. I ride the motorcycle western style and not side-saddle. So that means I had one foot on the tailpipe and one on the metal rack on the respective sides of the bike.

We had come to a complete stop stuck in the traffic and some man on a bicycle almost lost control of his bike and fell into us. The rim of the tire hit my foot and then he started going again, ripping the skin off of two of my toes! Ouch! Thankfully the spot wasn't much larger than a blister but it sure hurt. I got a nasty looking bruise and my little toe swelled up. All the while the only thing I can think is - "Only in India!" lol

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