Monday, November 7, 2011

I Am In Hot Water!

Oh the joys of burning skin! Nope, I'm not a pyromaniac! And despite how parts of this blog may sound I'm not some gross person who never bathes either. You starting to wonder what in the world I'm talking about yet?

Well......I'm talking about the absolutely beautiful new gas geyser and shower head that Papa ji had installed for me yesterday!!! For the first time in 10 months I got to take a hot shower this morning! I'm super duper happy now!

Living in the US I started every day with a hot shower. I couldn't function without it just like some people can't function without their morning coffee. My brain didn't work, my body was stiff and didn't want to move. It was mostly mental I know. My own way of protesting that morning had come. I am NOT a morning person at all. Somehow the steam and hot water always took all that tension out of my body and I felt so much more ready to face my day after showering.

Though I tried after coming here to resign myself to facing cold bucket baths for the rest of my days I found it was often so hard to actually take them. My body temperature has never regulated itself right so going down there and pouring cold water over myself while sitting in a cold room was more difficult than I had imagined. When I first got here I didn't verbally complain but I did over dramatize how cold I was hoping someone would suggest a solution because I didn't want to openly be a burden on my new family. After showering I would often put on extra clothes and then run to the nearest room and cover up with a thick blanket and not move for long periods of time - all the while making shivering noises. I'm sure it was at least mildly funny (possibly annoying) to someone.

Then summer came and it got easier to take the cold baths and I found them enjoyable because I could cool down easily and take as long as I wanted in there without anyone wondering what I was doing. Now that it's getting cool again the water is again hard to take. After being through so much I have become much more vocal in the things I need. It also helps I know so many other girls that live here and I know how they handle their situations and the reactions they have gotten to their requests so I felt comfortable asking for things.

This I didn't actually have to ask for. At the first sign I thought the water was cold - when I started avoiding them while I was sick and taking less than 10 minutes in there - hubby prompted his dad to install the geyser. It was installed and set up yesterday and then the shower head was installed this morning. I got super excited when I opened the shower door and saw it!! It only took me a minute to clear all the bucket paraphernalia out and turn that baby on to test it out!!

This is the after shot when everything got put back inside.
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I was not disappointed. The water got hotter as the shower went on and got hot enough to turn my skin red. That's just how I like it!! There was so much steam in the shower stall that it stayed warm in there until I was finished dressing and cleaning up my shower supplies too. Papa ji did well selecting the geyser. I don't have to wait for it to heat up and my only limit on hot water is determined by the current fill in the water tank. He hooked it up that way so I can have hot water any time of day so now there is no more dodging Chachi as well.

I also confiscated a spare lawn chair that was downstairs. I now have a normal chair as well. Between the two I may just have a much happier winter and may be a lot less fussy in the coming months. Party time!! Yep, in true Indian fashion (though a little backwards) we are giving FIL and MIL a party (normally they made the purchase so they are supposed to give the party but I'm too happy to ask for one and we are buying them dinner).


  1. Yay! I hear you, even in hot climate I need my hot shower, not scalding hot, but still hot enough to fill the room with plenty of steam, in Winter it becomes an absolute must to turn up the heat and transform the bathroom into a steam room.
    So happy you finally got your hot shower.

  2. Yeah I remember dishwashers too lol. I got used to mine but still feel they are mostly over rated. They do have the benefit of using less water than traditional hand washing though so it's better for the environment - I like arguments like that lol.

  3. I was wondering whether they'll start to enjoy it. I think it's kinda like when I first moved into a place with a dishwasher back home. I didn't realise how attached I'd become to it even though I thought it was unnecessary to start with. As for cold water, I spent 8 months in Kerala with it and I know the value of a hot shower!  :-)

  4. In the US I did too but here it gets too hot in the summer to even think about hot water. I was ready for that cold water every day by July lol.

  5. You're my new best friend for that prayer!!! Lol. I honestly didn't think this would happen. FIL is sure that no one will use it once I'm gone but on day one MIL was just as excited as me and couldn't wait to do her dishes with hot water. I think the family will adjust just well to having it there. :D

  6. I feel sorry for you! I can't imagine Chicago in the winter. I went through NY to fly out of JFK and that was too much for me even though I love the cold. I don't even want to think about all that snow with the notorious Chicago winds.

    I used to take hot showers in the summer too but I don't think I could do that here. I got too hot this summer even with the cold showers and I was usually all sweaty again by the time I got dressed. If I had taken hot showers I wouldn't have had the relief for those few moments each day.

  7. When I came here I left behind 0 or below temperatures and came into about 70 degree F temperatures during the day. There was no need. The water was a little cold but nothing to complain about and I still had those blinders making me want to learn how to live here their way.

  8. That was an interesting post! Hope you enjoy the winter with uninterrupted hot bath 

  9. Yay!!! I really don't know how you lasted 10 months without a hot shower.  I would have cried by day 3, especially when it's cooler outside. I take hot showers, even in the summer though! I can't stand cold water. But yay for you!!!

  10. See what happens when your name is said at the Ardas in berkely street Gurudwara ;) x Hot water is a luxury so many people take for granted, i'm happy you have it again and are washing some of your troubles away

  11. Yayyyyy! I agree with you. A hot shower can make all the difference. I need hot water in summer too! I don't think I can ever go back to bucket baths. So glad you're going to have a better winter this year. Now if only I coud find a quick & easy way to deal with Chicago's winter!!!!!

  12. I know what you mean about a hot shower... I love taking scalding hot showers, whereas my husband thinks that the showers I take are unbearable, probably because he grew  up without a hot shower.

    But I was wondering why, in the winter, you didn't boil a pot of water to mix with the cooler water so that the temperature was more manageable?