Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How Am I Supposed to Stay Mad Now?

Yeah, okay so bhabi is a little hormonal these days. I swear it's not my fault completely....I've increased my thyroid hormone medications to try and fix some really bad numbers from my recent test results. One of my numbers was scary high and it's critical I get it down fast so I don't wind up with more sickness and infections - which could have been what caused the scary high numbers in the first place.

Anyway, this doesn't make for a very good mix of emotions. I'm already a sappy person watching TV and all this week I've been in tears over commercials that show overly emotional moments and I even spent 30 minutes crying while trying to write another chapter on my book - the one I hadn't told you guys about yet lol. I was just balling my eyes out so it's a good thing I can type without looking. Thank God for those typing classes I took in high school.

I got a little pissed off this morning. I've been planning Thanksgiving for about 2 weeks now because I know with Indian Standard timing it can take a while to get things done. I had almost everything, some things just have to be purchased last minute and that was unavoidable. So yesterday I asked for maida (all-purpose flour) and eggs so I could make banana bread today. This morning I texted hubby after he went to work when I realized there was still no maida and eggs in the house. He took a while to text me back but said he would send his mom out to get it.

A little over an hour later I went downstairs. No maida, no eggs and MIL was downstairs doing some housework. It was noon already and I had 5 hours worth of cooking to do. (That's the reality when you only have one small toaster oven and a two burner stove.) I figured I could wait a little while and maybe she was going in a few minutes. Another hour passed, still not maida and eggs. Finally at 2 PM I texted hubby pissed off because I still didn't have my stuff. Now what I'm about to say may seem petty but I made it clear to everyone I would be cooking from morning until late evening to prepare this big meal for them. I made it clear more than once in the last week because they are forgetful like that....just like I am - I'm not complaining.

My whole argument was based on the reasoning if they don't want me to go out and get this stuff on my own because someone in the streets may eve-tease me or worse then they should get it for me when I ask for it. I was steaming and going over the argument in my head. An argument I won't have over text because I have too much to say and I'm not typing all that on a touch screen for anyone - not even myself lol. Grr....stamping feet....grrr....temper tantrum on the inside so no one sees it....grrr grrr grrr!!! I just cooked my lunch and told him tell his mother never mind because I wasn't even going to be bothered with Thanksgiving today (a day early anyway because Thursdays are veg only here in this house).

He told his mom I didn't need them anymore and she asked me and I told her no. I said it nicely, I swear. It's not her fault because she's really good about taking care of anything I need and she never makes me wait - at least never before. So then while I'm finishing up my lunch in she walks with my eggs, maida and a coke. She was so sweet about it too. the hell am I supposed to stay pissed off under these conditions? Bleh....Thanksgiving is back on, and now that the blood gushing from my finger has finally clotted and is forming a scab I am going back down to start making banana bread and stuffing so the kitchen will be ready when the chicken gets here and I can start baking that. ....rush rush rush...that's the Indian way!


  1. Thanks hun! Those are the same reasons I get here for not being able to go out alone. I swear if I listened to my husband I would think India was the scariest and worst place to live ever lol. He's just lucky I ignore most of his 'fear the eve-teasers' drama. I know how to kick a man in the nuts if I have to and then I can go on about my day. Lol.

  2. It would have been nice to get the things you asked for on time, but you are on IST after all, hahahaha. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  I hope that you can enjoy after all of the rushing. :D

  3. Thanksgiving is my favorite US holiday, too and I know how it is to have to celebrate it far from home. For a few years abroad, I just didn't celebrate it especially since it would have been easier for me to purchase camel meat than a turkey. 

    My ILs don't "allow" me to go outside by myself in Karachi either which is silly because I have traveled a lot alone, including in PK, India, and Bangladesh doing stuff like travelling by bus and train. But I can't go out lest the wiry-bodied, mustached Starers on the streets stare too hard at me or I get pinched by eve teasers or at worst (God forbid) kidnapped by extortionists (sounds far fetched but it happens sometimes). Sigh.

    I hope you and your family enjoy the Thanksgiving meal! Have a great holiday!