Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Growing Up is Hard to Do - My 10 Month Update

This past month has flown by and been quite busy!

I've done a lot of work on developing my professional writing and it's led me to some interesting realizations. I'm pretty sure I don't want to be a professional writer. With starting everything over I find each day I'm less and less interested. This isn't bad though because I never set out to be a writer. It was only an extra job I picked up a few years back to bring in some extra income. It turned out it payed well so I stuck with it a while. I like to write, but not with all the stress that comes with professional writing full time. Of course, being stuck here means I still have to keep working on my writing though because I need the job and it is helping me develop some skills and learn some new information.

I do think however, I'm going in the wrong direction at the moment and will be soon changing topics. My dream has always been to be a private investigator. It's what I have my education in and is truly the only type of work I get truly excited about. I like learning how to investigate things and then flipping some of that to teach others how to protect themselves from threats. The two topics go hand in hand but it's kind of hard to fully describe the process the way I think about it. So maybe I can work on writing about some of those things and work on getting my point across that way. The good news for that is that all the work I've done on my writing career over the last month will carry me through towards developing a healthy private investigation career so I have not wasted any of the time I've spent.

Also, in developing my writing it's given me more to say and talk about here at this blog than normal. I had so much to say in the last month that almost all of my posts were scheduled to keep from posting more than one a day! That's a big plus because when I'm depressed I notice I barely even talk. I think this is a good sign - and I didn't even get to tell you guys so much of what has gone on. So for now I'm doing my best not to schedule current events that happen and saving the scheduling for random topics that interest me. There's no telling what is going to pop up in your online blog reader over the next month or so lol.

Another good thing I noticed this month is how my appreciation for all of my readers has grown this month. I was thankful for you all before but this month has brought about more of a sense of community with my readers. You guys have given me great advice and support and helped keep me realistic and centered. I truly value all of the comments I have received publicly, through my comment form and in the emails we have shared back and forth. It's always good to know that somewhere (and everywhere) in this world there are others that share in my struggles, happiness, triumphs and that understand some of the things I'm going through. 

With your encouragement I've taken more of a stand for myself and what I now know is not cultural or normal. It's often hard to recognize these things when you are the outsider looking in. I've definitely valued your input. Being more assertive and working out some of these issues that I've had have directly affected my attitude and my well being. I'm noticing daily that my body is less fatigued and a lot of my body aches and pains are going away or less frequent. (On the down side, I contracted 3 infections this month but it's that season - no one can really do much about that.)

Topics currently on my mind that you all will definitely be hearing about (lol):
  • Holidays! There are so many holidays coming and I will be sharing some of my culture with my desi family. I can't wait to post on all of the festivities.
  • Weight loss, exercise and the movie Desi Boyz.....ya'll are gonna laugh at that post once I get it online. 
  • A super secret topic that hubby made me promise not to post here.....grrr! I can't keep secrets like that and this is a big one. Keep watching though because I'm sure I'll give it away sooner or later or talk him down to where he releases me from the promise. 
Be forewarned....I get really dippy (aka silly) during the holidays. I can't help it. This kind of silliness runs in my family and since it was there for at least the last 4 generations (on my moms side) and I witnessed it, I see nothing wrong with it so I don't even try to change. I'm also getting nostalgic so there is no telling what things I may post...I just need to find the photos to go with the posts. Please laugh at me - if you don't then I may start to think of it as being crazy and up until this point in my life I'm quite sure I have never needed a looney bin so I wouldn't want my self esteem to go south now. Until next time friends!!

A little something hilarious for you - I fowa...u not fowa!


  1. Me either!! Just let me find some Christmas decorations in the market and it is on! All I need is some flickering colorful craziness to get me started.

  2. Bring on the silliness!  Can't wait! :-)

  3. Well, I won't point out who but I've noticed another guide who posted 6 articles just before midnight on the 30th or 31st of October. Most of them were only one sentence pointing to another article. I'm not advocating you do this because I felt like it was really crappy on her part (the doing 6 like that because she's supposed to be more professional) but it could help give you a day off to prepare a couple like that. I've been doing something similar and writing in batches and it's working out well. I don't feel pressured to write each day (and now I find with no pressure I'm writing even more lol).

  4. Ugh, yeah, writing all the time can be really difficult, especially when you don't feel like it. I struggle some times with forcing my mind to churn out decent, interesting, readable stuff. I can be so draining. I'm going through such a lul with it right now, I just can't be bothered... but I have to because I have obligations to meet!