Saturday, November 19, 2011

Follow Up on Ms. McLoving

I went back for my test results today. Nothing too crazy though I freaked the doctor out. I've done that a few times in my life because I can't sit still long enough to keep one good doctor and the new guys don't know what to make of me. I'm talking about my Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism. I'm one of the few who was blessed with the crazy gene that also makes this disease exhibit itself in every crazy way imaginable.

So the doctor got all bent out of shape (that's an idiom for confused/upset/weirded out) about my results and even though he understood English he didn't seem to get all I was trying to tell him. I have been told I talk fast and I've told you guys about my accent enough. Apparently it's not good to take your blood tests right after being sick if you have Hashimoto's. I didn't know that and I've had this mess over half of my life now. So it went like this:

Normal thyroid levels should be no higher than 5.5 and mine was spiked all the way up to 43.45. (My highest ever was 95!) So the doctor started writing out prescriptions form and started saying start this dose immediately, rest a few days ...blah blah blah. Like all doctors would lol. I had to explain to him I had missed a couple of pills in the course of being sick with back to back infections and being too sick to get up and go down for water and such. He didn't get all that the first two times I told him. He kept just telling me that 43 is serious and a huge cause for concern.

Now I know he's right and I also know how to monitor this disease. I'm very proactive with it and I couldn't see how missing a few pills would make it go up that high so fast. I also don't have any symptoms that would be associated with a number anywhere near that high. I was just tested 2 months ago (that's the normal time frame) and it was at 2.95. So this was a huge jump. When I got home I started comparing old results and searching my trusty government websites and places with the latest research and I learned that when you get sick this number can spike like that because of the antibodies your system produces to fend off the sickness. So now I feel better about the whole thing. I will get retested next week after I've had time for my body to recover completely.

Ms. "Indians are more loving than people in the US" wasn't in tonight.  So I can't say for sure if she was true to her own words. The receptionist lady was a little nicer today but the doctors assistant was kind of weird. The doctor has been nice and hospitable both times I've seen him so no complaints there. It is a little difficult adjusting to the methods used in health care systems here. So much different than in the US. I can honestly say I never thought there would be any other way. It's a learning experience. Somehow slowly I'm training my brain to think that even with the differences everything still works out okay somehow.


  1. Yeah doctors suck. They think you'll get over it or maybe they think this will keep you coming back and their wallets full. Either way, it's wrong. I learned that early on and there is nothing worse than feeling bad and feeling bad about yourself. Once you learn how this affects you and what levels your T4, T3 and TSH should be at, you'll be able to manage on your own and be much happier. You don't need a prescription for thyroid medicines in India so if you find you need a lower dosage, ask the pharmacist for it. Keep all your meds until they expire and you can adjust them as needed with or without the doctor. After dealing with this for 18 years I can promise you that you don't need a doctor to manage your hormone levels for this. The only time you really need them is to find out you have it and to check up on other issues that it can cause. I've had a lot of fake issues occur because of this thyroid thing. By fake I mean there was nothing wrong but I had all the symptoms of something serious being wrong. I'm glad you found the links helpful. Mary Shomon also has a book about hyperthyroidism and one called the thyroid diet if you prefer reading offline. Good luck!

  2. Thank you White Bhabhi!.The links have been most helpful.I think that's what happened.Too much too fast because I always had a slow methabolism but I was shocked how much weight I've gained lately.I always struggled with my weight and this is just frustraiting.I have my next test in 10 days and I will tell him about it.I mentioned it before but he didn't seem to bother too much about.Shame :(.

  3. Yes, it can! If you start putting on weight talk to your dr about it because that is not a good side effect. Your body will adjust some but maybe he gave you too much too fast. You will also need to monitor your diet a little better for a while and I highly recommend learning as much as you can about test results because even the best doctors can be wrong. They use the "average" numbers which means what they think everyone should be close to. This doesn't mean it's the right number for you. If you watch your numbers and learn how to read the test you can find the numbers at which you feel your best and that is where you should aim to stay. Here's some really good links you may find quite helpful:

    I've been following this woman for a while and I feel she's the best at teaching you what you need to know. You can search the site for any specific questions you have. She also has an site here:

    And one more good resource

    Those will keep you busy for a while but are well worth bookmarking so you can answer any and all questions you have. Never take your doctors word for everything. Double check his information with those sites.

  4. W.B. I wanted to ask you about your hypothyroidism.I have the opposite one, hyperthyroidism, and I've been on treatment for few months.Hyper causes you to loose weight which I did but the treatment is making me put on weight really fast.Does it happen to you that taking thyroid's pills changes your wieght drastically?.I guess in your case is the opposite of mine though.