Monday, November 28, 2011

Everybody needs a J-O-B!

I just realized I had kind of left you guys hanging on this job thing somewhat. Since my monthly update there have been some positive changes. I didn't mention anything at first because I didn't want to jinx it. Now, things are working out okay and though I still don't think I want to be a writer permanently, I am at least a little less stressed and more content with being one for now.

I landed a new client to replace the one I lost. This client won't have as much work for me right away but the pay is literally twice as much as I was making before and the work is so much easier. I just officially completed the first weeks worth of work and it took her less than 10 minutes to pay me, give me a bonus monetary tip and write a very rewarding review for me. Yay me!

I'm not sure what made me apply for this job. I hadn't looked at job postings in over a week out of discouragement and I never intended to write marketing copy at all. I took a chance just because something felt right about the ad and this client hired me quickly. It gave me that feeling of being 'snatched up before I got away' which I must admit feels pretty dang good. Now though, I'm officially a professional sales newsletter writer. Yay!!

Now I have more motivation to keep looking.

Job's don't have to pay to be rewarding though. Most all of us work in some way. I know when I'm bored I take pride in cleaning and sanitizing things. Not that it earns me much appreciation but when I look at these items I feel less stressed knowing they are cleaned. Now that I'm living with my new family I also feel a little sense of having completed a challenge because I know I cleaned it without getting busted lmao. That doesn't sound like much but, with 8 people living in one small house it's no easy task.

What kind of work do you do that makes you feel a sense of accomplishment?


  1. Well bhabi ji, my "regular" job is beauty therapy ( which takes 3 years of college in the uk btw)!  But once a week i visit the Beatson Unit in Glasgow,which is a Cancer treatment centre,i give massage, facials and beauty treatments to women patients there. THAT gives me a sense of accomplishment, some women feel they lose some aspects of their femininity  when undergoing treatment,its nice to make them smile again,even for a little while. And its good for me, if im feeling a bit down i know that i shouldnt complain over petty things because someones always much worse off right? p.s glad the moneys rolling your way! :)

  2. hmm.. let me see.. apart from the job that pays me.. I get that sense of accomplishment when I cook something and it tastes good, even though I am not a regular or good cook.. :) other than that there are many such small things, or shall I say there were.. not getting enough time to take them up these days.. 

  3. Oh man...I'm such a slacker! I only wear make up a few times a year and even then it's not much. I remember volunteering in the years before I got a paying job. I loved it. So much less pressure than paying jobs and the gratitude and moments you go to share with people were always wonderful. I want to volunteer here but Rohit thinks it's dangerous. I swear I'm going to have to start sneaking out lol.

  4. I love cooking!! It does feel really good to sit down and eat something you made and it taste good. You only need one good cookbook that has basic techniques and many recipes you like in it and you can be your own master chef.