Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Desi Boyz and the Daily Workout

I know it's wrong...well maybe it's not all wrong. I just can't help myself sometimes. It's too much fun and I don't get to be an instigator all the time. But I admit...I pick on hubby and play childish games with him a lot lol. I can't help it. The laughter we have after wards and the looks on his face make me want more!

What does that have to do with the movie Desi Boyz? Welllllll....... I like to look at a nice, naked chest and well defined biceps. I must admit this is why I watch half the Bollywood movies I watch. I don't have to worry about being flashed with boobs or some girls butt. Instead I get to see some well made actors flash their manly arms and smile. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing and well, John Abraham is in Desi Boyz.

Need I say more? Every time a commercial comes on with him singing and dancing I stare at the TV just waiting for it. I know they are gonna show him with his shirt open. Rawr! Hubby however gets this look on his face like he can't believe I'm staring. LOL. So then we get into this short discussion of how it's not my fault I look at John Abraham (I'm so innocent right? hahahahahaha! Not!). After all, it's his Indian TV that has this smut on for me to look at and John is the one who took his shirt off...etc. I also usually mention that hubby rarely takes off his banyan these days and he can't say it's cold because he didn't take it off for me in the summer much either.

This has all worked out to be a good thing. >:D Evil smiley has won this round. When hubby and I met he was a gym buff. He went every day for about 3 hours and he had huge biceps. I would post a pic but he's forbid me to display him here like a piece of meat (hehehe....I guess not only women feel this way these days). I drooled over him just the same. Since we got married, obviously he doesn't go to the gym anymore. He's mostly maintained his biceps though and randomly worked out at home to make sure he didn't lose them.

Now that those commercials come on, he's working out every day. >:D It would seem my drooling has motivated him in a good way. I may just be looking at a 6 pack with the TV turned off before long.

Of course, this kind of silly picking works both ways. I've lost a lot of weight and seeing him work out means I have a workout partner so I'm also doing more for my body now too. It's so much more motivating when you're not alone. But what I didn't expect (because I would never pick on her that way) is that MIL has now started working out with us too! She's having a good time. Sometimes I think she spends more time up here in our room with us than she does downstairs with FIL lol.

So here's to the movies that motivate us to do something good in life. And to John Abraham....I can only stare for a short while longer, it seems like something better is on the horizon - sorry. :D


  1. Hey good for you. It's lovely to have support from your MIL also.

  2. He definitely has a winning smile!

  3. OHMYLORD! I LOVE John Abraham!!!!!! My husband thinks it is silly how much I go crazy for him. :)

  4. Yes! She's trying to lose weight too. When the weather is good we used to go out walking as well but now it's getting cool out and we have some fun exercise stuff in the room.

    You and hubby can sort of work out together. If he goes out for his run while you do yoga then you get the extra quiet you need and you are both doing it at the same time. That would have some good benefits. It's like each of you has one thing you do totally alone that gives you time to think and freshen your mind. We all need that.

  5. How cool that your MIL works out with you! My husband & I have a pact that if he reduces his cholesterol, I'll go back to my engagement day weight (20 lbs lighter). So we're both on a fitness spree. But he likes to run and I'm totally a hot yoga person we simply cannot workout together.


  6. That was a fun post to read.

    I was smiling the whole time

  7. Thanks! I'm glad you like it. Right now I'm having to actually slow myself down so I don't go over a post a day and flood everybody's reader program or mailbox lol. I have a lot to say...errr...write!

    I'm like you too, I miss my fellow bloggers when they don't post.

  8. I know I just love her! She's my main motivation for learning Punjabi. I can only imagine what kind of trouble the two of us could be in this house if we could communicate more. >:D

  9. haha funny post. I like how you write almost everyday. Some bloggers write only once a month and its disappointing when u want to read something and they haven't posted anything new. But I always find something to read when I come to your blog :) 

  10. hahaha.....That was a fun reading...especially the MIL part :-)