Friday, November 4, 2011

Controlled Chaos

So I'm really tired of laying in the bed and being miserable and I decided I absolutely must find something to change my mood. I'm a terrible sick person and (much to my amazement) can be quite mean. India showed me that and I don't like it one bit. It's a side of myself I don't want to see. So while I was in here in my room stewing over how much this sucks I decided I needed to intervene on my own behalf before hubby got home or got stressed over me being pitiful.

I started out reading blogs and interacting with other people and making myself post happy comments. Normally that's all it takes but this time that wasn't happening. So then I moved on and I opened up my iTunes. At the suggestion of long time reader, broadway, I decided to expand my angry listening playlist to include more than just Limp Bisqueak (as she calls them) and I added in some Drowning Pool and Godsmack. It's amazing how a song repeating "let the bodies hit the floor" can actually help relieve anger. I don't question why it works, I just listen and somehow it does have a sense of releasing some anger.

I listened to it a few times and flipped around through some of my other playlists as well but after 2 hours wasn't really feeling any better. That's when I remembered I had just gotten Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos and had not watched it yet. I figured it was worth a try because he's always hilarious. I wasn't disappointed. He started out with Walter, the crotchety old man and when Walter sang "Do your boobs hang low" I about lost it. It was a good thing I was laying down already because otherwise I would have fallen over.

My sides were already hurting so the laughter didn't make much difference there and I couldn't stop. I laughed all the way to the newly starstruck Achmed and when he started making fun of everyone I forgot all about my troubles. If you guys haven't seen this then you absolutely must, otherwise you may never understand what "face shot off book" is.

By the time hubby brought dinner home I was a much sweeter person and still laughing. I rewound Achmed so hubby could watch that with me. (It was hubby's first time watching Jeff Dunham.) We were both laughing and hubby didn't know what to think of Peanut. This was definitely and by far Jeff Dunham's best work yet. Well worth the wait since his last big release. Even the name was fitting for my situation as India is all about chaos.

Oh, I almost forgot! He does mention Indians in there and does a very brief bit on Indians from India ---with Peanut! So you can imagine how hilarious it is. I swear the man is a ventriloquism genius!

**Also since I seem to have more to say when I'm emotional I have a nice new piece on my professional blog for you guys!
What has Occupy Really Done for the World?


  1. I love those clips! The white woman one you sent gets me laughing every time. I also crack up over the "___ is Indian!" bits by Sanjiv in which everyone is Indian lol. Oh man...and going out for an English is too much too. I would love to see the entire set of shows and not just what is up on YouTube someday.

  2. Oh,have you heard of a comedy show called Goodness Gracious Me? its a british indian sketch show from a few years back,hilarious! loads on you tube but heres a wee clip for you

  3. I'm kinda scared of ventriloquists! Its a great skill but i find the dolls kinda creepy lol but im thrilled you're laughing again