Friday, November 25, 2011

The Battle Was Won But The War is Not Over

Ya'll bear with me as I struggle to hold back the obscenities. (And just so you know, this battle has been going on now since 2009 I just wasn't living here so it didn't get written about in such detail.)

I already mentioned how I was with-holding the wifi because someone in Uncle ji's family was messing with my hot shower. I had been doing this by taking FIL's netbook to my room each day and keeping it until FIL was home so they couldn't use it. They have their own computer but for some reason they attack the netbook every time it is available. Well on Thanksgiving Uncle ji asked hubby to set up the wifi on nephew's PSP. Luckily we had tried that a while back when things were still friendly and no matter what we did the PSP ju. Wst not compatible with the wifi and never would connect. (Nephew is really good with the PSP and we googled and everything but that's old news now.)

Since I cooked a big meal and shared it with them and they seemed happy. (I only shared because even in the US we can all put our differences aside for family and holiday gatherings - it was the right thing to do.) So the next day I didn't confiscate the netbook. Nephew was home all day and attacked the netbook first thing in the morning. I didn't even cut off the wifi. We shared like good relatives.

Of course, being tired I had forgotten to turn off the geyser in the morning too. This isn't a huge deal because it has a separate water faucet and the gas only works when you turn on that faucet. It's like the stove, if it's not on, it's not working. Poor hubby took a hot shower in the morning and then he turned it all off and reminded me how that was my job lol. He was okay with it though because it's kinda cold today. So when I went down I checked all the settings and turn it all back on so I could shower I noticed it hadn't been messed with at all. I felt good about this because I felt like the childish and dangerous game was over.

Boy was I wrong. Hubby came down and got his stuff and left for work. MIL was upstairs still doing laundry, right where she was before I went down to shower. Chachi was in her room when I went down to shower but when I came back up she wasn't there and I don't know where she was. I did notice right before I got done showering that the water acted a little strange. I don't know how to explain it but I figured it was something to do with the pipes or maybe someone else was using the water too. MIL was, after all, doing laundry upstairs.

I finished getting dressed and got my stuff and went out. The first thing I noticed was the intense smell of gas at the bottom of the stairs. This was really odd because it's never there and the last time the geyser was messed with the smell of the gas was around the gas tank itself. I went up the steps and started to turn off the geysers faucet and the gas tank and that's when I noticed it. Someone had messed with the geyser while I was in the shower! The gas setting on the geyser was messed with and so was the heat setting for the water. I was &*%$*#@& pissed to say the least.

I finished cutting everything off and I reset the settings and I went upstairs and texted hubby. He hadn't messed with it. This makes sense because he doesn't want to feel the force of my anger - he's a smart man. This only leaves the possibility of two culprits and now I know for sure it's not the children pranking me. Uncle ji came down to get ready for work right after hubby left. The only thing odd about this was he normally leaves before hubby. I also have no idea where Chachi was at the time but she was downstairs after I texted hubby so I can't say it wasn't her.

Needless to say I have no interest in living in this house any more. I put up with too much shit already trying to adjust to the environment here and now I have some moron trying to kill me and everyone else in the house. I don't have any non-obscene words for this stupid M.F. right now to say the least. I again confiscated the netbook this morning but this is no longer enough.

This sorry ass, lazy M.F. doesn't do shit around this house. He doesn't pay his share of the bills, except for the electricity to his room only (and they literally take up over half of the house on a regular basis and don't use their power unless they absolutely have to). He is the worst kind of cheap ass, loser bastard there is (IMO). I didn't have any respect for him before but now...I'm sure you can guess how I feel about him now. You should also know this has nothing to do with money. He has money and doesn't seem to hold back one bit from buying his wife gold (yet when he bought a 3D tv he would only purchase one pair of the 3D glasses for all 4 of them to share?????).

I'm obviously angry. I can't think completely straight right now because this was too damn far. I'm not sure what else I'm going to do to make his stupid ass suffer but I promise to write about it. At the moment my angry ass mind is seriously considering disabling his car..I'm just not sure how to sneak out without anyone noticing - this is a busy neighborhood. Maybe a good old American banana up the tailpipe would be a good prank to play. Sugar in the petrol tank. He seriously doesn't know who he's messing with.


  1. Burst all four tyres with a screwdriver!.Jokes aside, I think the situation has turn somehow dangerous for everybody, even for them.We are not talking about cutting the Wi-Fi or not paying the bills.It just takes one match to blow the whole house up seriously.Why are they boycotting you?.They don't like you or they do this to annoy you and get a reaction?.I would sit everybody down and speak my mind out before them.I know it's easier said than done but this nonesense must stop.Happy thanksgiving by the way!.

  2. Thank you! This is strictly a bully situation and nothing more. I've noticed how he acts around the house and how he treats others. He is a bully. He tried to pull a stunt when he first found out about me in 2009 and refused to speak to anyone in the family for quite a while. When I came into the house he refused to even meet me for the first 5/10 days I was here and then he finally backed down. He wanted to get his way and didn't know any other options for protest I guess. I don't know what his problem is, but I'm sure it has something to do with me not worshiping him or touching his knees. I barely even speak to him and I have no intention of changing my ways. We have told FIL but I don't know how far that will go. I'm waiting for a translation of the reaction now.

  3. Bhabi, this is serious. Obscenities and anger aside you need to have a talk with your family about the living arrangements. You could get killed! seriously! 

  4. Alright, this is getting too far. I dont think such things happen in Indian families. This uncleji is a retard. You all need to talk to him and send him packing off if he doesnt stop messing with you. 

  5. Sounds like a power tussle.

    How many couples are there in this joint family?

  6. This is true... You should take this up with Rohit, thousands of women die in India each year due to gas related "accidents". You know there would be. No consequence for Uncle Ji. Perhaps it is really time to leave that home. Sorry to know you are enduring this...

  7. Sounds like a power fight, time to take the matter into YOUR own hand, don't ask Rohit, don't go by him, just comfront the potential culprit upfront. They are probably "know" they can get away doing what they do because you will go to Rohit first. You are as much part of this family as anybody, and they are messing with YOU so just show them the direct consequences, gather them round once more, and strongly indicate you know who is a potential culprit, look at them in the eyes if you must, and say loud and clear that this childish behaviour is not only stupid but that they are endangering the whole family and that it is sick. Confiscate the wifi, and next time nephew ask for help setting it up just tell them to go get their own help. If the mess with the geiser continues or any other lame sick trick to belittle you start, fight dirty, clearly they can't understand anything else.
    Go dislodge a fuse on their electrical pannel cutting their supply when they don't know it, trip their fuse, forcing them to go out and look, go under their skin in a subtle way in pretty much the same they are doing to you, just enough they can't completely call you on it, but still can suspect you...I am almost sure their little idocity will stop then.

  8. Bullies are generally cowards, show him strong attitude and corner him, you know he is the one messing it up and just look him square in the eyes on that one, just hold your own, he will bow out.
    I know how it feels I'm not one who likes confrontation, but he has beef with you and is moronic enough to put the life of his ENTIRE family at stake to get back at just you, this calls for action.

  9. Please dont dislodge a fuse like someone mentioned. Punjab electricity is dodgy, and people have died from messing with the fuses.

  10. Oh we did. I'm about to blog all about it now....of course it's not over. Since this is a big deal, it's going to be a long, drawn out saga.

  11. Thank you! You're absolutely right. This isn't an Indian behavior at all, this is pure stupidity. He's a bully, and I know just how to deal with that. I won't back down.

  12. I'm sure he wants power. I've seen how he's taken over the household in just about every way already. He definitely thinks he knows everything and is the leader. I haven't pushed for superiority in the house, I'm a do your own thing kind of person and I have my own life. He doesn't get that. I overlooked a lot of this petty stupidity before because it wasn't any real issue but this is serious. I'm not too worried about losing though because I've personally seen MIL (yep, sweet little MIL) take Chachi down before. We have already involved MIL so I expect this to end real quick.

    There are 3 couples here.

  13. Thank you for your support. While he can cause the fumes to enter the house, they won't easily come into the shower and the shower opens up into a bigger, very well ventilated room. It would take a really long time for the fumes to get strong enough to hurt me with the location of the gas cylinder. To do serious damage he would have to blow the house up.

    I will be out of here as soon as I can regardless but until that time I will have to stay and fight. I'm on the winning team, he just doesn't realize it yet. I do think it's high time he get a reminder that he's not king of this castle though.

  14. Oh I love the tips. I shall implement those. I did involve Rohit because I do need the translator but I went directly to FIL and MIL and Uncle and Chachi were there so they could know everything that was said. They cowered back to their room. I'm not done with them yet though.

  15. Okay, I don't know what's going on with Google and my comments but I had an anonymous commenter leave this comment and Google/Blogger won't show it here or let me access it. It's only in my comment list and I did want to leave a reply.

    Original comment:
    Please dont dislodge a fuse like someone mentioned. Punjab electricity
    is dodgy, and people have died from messing with the fuses

    My reply: Good point....and now that I think about it I don't have to touch anything personally. Rohit has connections at the power company, I'm sure someone could handle it for me and I could honestly say in my sweet, innocent tone of voice "who me? I didn't touch it!" >:D

  16. oh dear ! so much happened while i was away. let me tell you a story of how i dealt with some M.Fs

    about 3 years back I lived in a hostel where my neighbors were some bastard yemeni guys. they were hell raisers in general ... they wanted the full corridor all for themselves whenever they prayed (which could be upto 5 times a day - what the bloody f*** they were in the university for ?) or whenever they had a communal lunch (at least once a day) ... and each morning one of them would cry louder than a loudspeaker calling the "azaan" (the traditional Muslim prayer call) ... whenever they prayed, they wanted everybody else to follow their restrictions and wait till it is over ... nobody could go to toilets or anything as they blocked the corridor. i had plenty of arguments with them over this ... now plz dont get me wrong, I am an Indian and all my life I have had muslim friends but no one comes close to these fanatic jehadis.

    the worst part was .. some of them like to smoke in the bathroom/toilets at my end of the wing ... so i was forced to go to the toilets at the other end ... and the yemenis living at the other end were bigger hell raisers ... they objected everyday to my using "their" toilets which I ignored everyday, sometimes with a minor argument.

    one day, I was particularly late to wake up and one of them saw his chance ... while i was inside, he locked up the toilet from outside and fled ... by the time i was done, the hostel was nearly empty and i would have to stand like a fool locked up in the toilet till someone realizes he has forgotten to wear his undies and comes to the hostel and hears my banging the door of the toilet. luckily exactly such a thing happened within 15 minutes of my thrashing the door ...

    now i had to take my revenge ... i was fairly certain about the culprit. i could have done a lot of damage to him like setting fire to his motorbike (this thought did occur to me) but i decided to do something innocuous but far more irritating. i took his shoes (which he used to leave outside his room) and dunked in the toilet. and flung another pair far off from the hostel (I lived in 3rd floor)

    3 days later, i found him wearing those same shoes and behaving far far FAR politely with me.

    there was one more yemeni who continued objecting to my using the bathrooms/toilets ... one day he decided to threaten me with violence ... unluckily for him, i was bare chested when he did it (I am a fairly strong and muscular person but it is not apparent due to my chubby face) ... when i came out of the bathroom with flaring nostrils, flexing biceps and menacing finger pointing, he got the real scare of his life ... since that day, he  forgot his prayers ... lol

    i swear, since then, i have not known more polite people than those two yemenis ... no kidding !

  17. I like your way of thinking. Setting fire to his bike wouldn't have earned you as much respect lol. The shoe idea was priceless though!

  18. Oops!
    So i guess jaddu ki jhappi will not work here.