Monday, November 21, 2011

And Just Where is My Fruit?

This is another one of those my funny MIL rules posts. Even though I know these are not huge stories, they are priceless lol.

I've mentioned a few times how I get kind of spoiled living here with FIL bringing home fruits, which were never kept in the house before I came, and vegetables and such. Well, he's kind of been slacking the last month and hubby has to do my running. I don't mind too much because driving him crazy is half the fun of being married after all. And just because of how I was raised I would never ask FIL why he hadn't picked up fruits for me. (FIL works right by the best veggie vendor - always super fresh and he carries things others don't so that's why we torture him with having to carry all that home lol.)

Anyway, the first time he didn't bring home much I didn't say anything I just went upstairs and dug through my drawer for something quick and tasty to munch on. I jokingly said something to hubby and the next day Papa ji brought home some fruit hahaha. He made it a point to bring me the big bags full of it. I genuinely felt bad because I wasn't sure what they had said to him. Hubby later told me that he had said something to his mom (MIL) and she must have said something to FIL. So next time I kept my mouth shut. I'm not trying to get the pushy DIL label by any means.

So yesterday FIL came home again with no fruit. But by now I had gotten into the habit of getting something fresh from the kitchen and enjoying the tasty goodness of some kind of fruit. There was nothing there. Hubby and his mom were in the kitchen and figured out what I was looking for and hubby laughed and told me go tell FIL 'where's my fruit?' I told him no way hahaha because that would be disrespectful where I come from. He laughed at me and told MIL. She got this huge smile on her face and nodded for me to go tell him and said something in Punjabi. Now I didn't need to translate it to know what she said. Her and hubby both chuckled and kept pushing me - "go tell him."

I declined and told them it was no big deal and went upstairs to my room. About an hour later MIL walks into my room with a bag of oranges and a package of dates with this really big grin on her face. She said something to hubby and they both laughed and then hubby translated. She had told him I was looking for my fruit and he got up, got dressed and went running all over the neighborhood till he found something fresh. (Apparently the first one he went to didn't have anything that looked good enough - it would seem FIL has honed his fruit picking skills over the years lol.)

I couldn't help but laugh. Poor FIL was already in his pajamas and it was well after 9PM when he went out. But it's too funny because now I'm 100% certain MIL likes to drive FIL crazy just like I do to hubby. No wonder we get along so well!


  1. Now, this is some frank penning. Poor FIL, This MIL doesn't in the least bit know, what she silently does. One may be intelligent enough to grasp the quality traits of contol, every gal should know.

  2.  Lol, yeah. He's a good man and I don't think she does it maliciously, it's more a playful cute kind of thing.

  3. Lol, what a cute story! Poor thing, she just needed her fruit.

  4. nice story. this reminded me of my sis.when we were little my grandfather always used to bring fruits for us and my lil sis lived on fruits. she wouldn't eat roti until she had her fruits. so one day my grandfather came from the bazaar and he hung a black bag on a hook by the door. my sister, slowly went to the hook , and she realized she wont be able to reach the hook so she pulled and table and stood on it.then she putted something else on top of it. after couple of attempts she finally got the bag down. when she looked inside, it was shoes. she got so mad, she threw the shoes and started crying. everyone still makes fun of her for it. 

  5. Great story, great family !

  6. Haha! That is so cute!