Monday, October 24, 2011

When Will I Ever Learn

The good and the bad....

My day started off okay. I slept pretty good. Got up and called some family and had an hour long positive conversation with three of them. Sounds like a normal thing but I haven't spoken to any relatives since October 6th. I maintain a US phone number here so they can call me for free anytime but they don't. I can't call them for free, I have to pay (which I do whenever I can). Most of the time I call them I leave messages and such but they don't call back. Even my mother who I specifically got the number for and it's 100% free for her and doesn't even cost her cell phone minutes to call me from has only called me once in 3 months.

Hubby is back on his negative track today. Twice I got a rotten, condescending and patronizing tone from him when I tried to help him with something. First was finding a website, I gave him a tip which he apparently already knew and the came back with that sarcastic 'I know that, I'm not stupid, I can read' crap. Umm....ok I seriously had no idea he knew because he ALWAYS asks me for help with these exact same things. The second I've forgotten about already but it still got on my nerves. Then when we went out he asks me why I have this quiet, unhappy attitude? Maybe I should play the sarcastic tone back on him but I don't. I think he gets the picture from the look on my face. ;)

So apparently not only am I stubborn but I'm hard headed. I keep telling myself not to fall into the same old trap but I always do it. My optimism gets the better of me and I blindly listen to what I'm told. Somehow I think that what is said to me is going to be followed through on. By now I should have realized I'm in India and unless you bug the crap out of someone or ask a million times it's not getting done. While we were out shopping I was looking for knives and he was kinda rushing me along. I don't like it but I can't blame him lol.

Anyway, I was about to go to another store and he said he would take me to a good knife place because he didn't think that store in the mall would have anything good. I agree because I know they had limited selection there and so we left. Upon realizing we were heading home I asked him where the place was and he had forgotten. Ugh! He says he'll take me another day this week but I know how these things work out. I'm going to have to remind him 100 times to get it done and them I'm going to feel like I'm nagging. I don't like that at all. I don't mind reminding him but having to continue to ask and he comes up with some reason we can't go that day or something like it.

I should have remembered the travelers tip I got before coming here - If you don't walk out of the store with it, then you won't get it. Of course they were talking about when the shop keep says he'll get something for you instead of admitting he doesn't have it but I've found that it works in more ways than that.

Now to end this on a good note. My MIL rocks! She's been kicking everyone's butt for me. I love her. The house had internet before I came and I made the mistake of bringing in wifi. It has turned FIL into a serious download monster. Every available second he has is spent downloading. First it was songs, then wallpapers and now he's onto movies - all for his iPhone. Lol. It hadn't previously been an issue because he doesn't get home until I'm done working for the day. It worked out well except on Sunday which just meant I had to find other things to do on Sunday - so I go shopping.

Now however the download monster has spread. Nephew has started calling FIL's laptop his and he's been downloading. Then that spread to selfish Uncle ji who started taking the laptop during the day to download and such. I'm often having to unhook the wifi. On Saturday Uncle ji purchased a new SmartTV with web services and has decided he needs to download movies to it so they can watch movies for free. So he has dominated the internet connection and no one else can use it (I can't even load Google homepage!). So far I've managed to avoid being asked for the wifi password and I've been working on solutions to keep him from getting access (i.e. blocking the access, making the router invisible, etc.) to no avail.

Anyway, hubby just told me MIL went off of them and told them all (FIL included) that my work is more important and they better not be on that internet while I'm trying to work. We had a pre-set time of 5 pm anyway which has always been the rule in the even the kids were home. She got pissed about the downloading again today (I hadn't said a word because I don't have much work right now) and she told us unhook it completely and take the wifi out for a few days. I guess they pissed her off lol. Either way she stood up for me with no prompting at all. I just love her. <3


  1. Lol at the Wi-Fi thing. Constant high speed wireless connectivity, internet addiction and Indian family dynamics make for an explosive mix. Had a taste of that a few months ago at one of those big family reunions at my grandparents' place back in Chandigarh. The stock markets opened at nine and fifteen people, each with a laptop of their own demanded simultaneous connection to their favorite brokers... worse speeds than the frigging Kisan Express at high noon. And THEN, people started pulling rank ("beta, where are your manners, let the elders look at it first"), followed by silently uttered commentary on the people around ("damn self-centered *****!") and distraction tactics ("Gap down on the market! Look! Gap down!! Go check the TV!!").

    Your MIL sounds great, though. Caring person. :)

  2. Thank you! Sorry I didn't reply sooner, for some reason this comment just showed up in my list. I think that may have something to do with Googles current updates. Anyway, you're right about the internet addiction - it can be crazy. I'm ending that though because I'm done with this drama. >:D

  3. I probably could write a book on him. Oh man, he kept going to that langar in Haridwar...3 or 4 times in 2 days total. It was too much lol. Then adding all those driving hours to our trip to get to the gurudwara in some little tiny town was even crazier. Who does these things lol?

    Despite the ups and downs though I do enjoy being a part of this family overall. They definitely keep life interesting. And I thought my American family was off the charts lol.

  4. Yeah I understand. But seems like you could write an entire book on him. I dont know, hez my man in this blog ! I still remember the part when he eats in langar in Haridwar ROFL XD. 
    And actually Rohit is pretty funny too :D 
    So I guess you are having an experience of several lifetimes :D

  5. Yeah, funny if you don't have to live with him hahahaha. He gets on my nerves for sure. At least I'm not the target of all his selfishness. Though I'm sure I'll have plenty more to write on him in the future. Especially since he only seems to be getting worse.

  6. Oh my God, this uncleji seems to be such a funny and notorious character always creating trouble for you ! Honestly, now, I login to your blog just to read about unclejee :D