Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Uncle Ji is a Selfish Jerk

I had to stick this post in the middle of my Mastercard series so you don’t get lost trying to follow along. :D
We got home from Delhi at 11 PM at night and back up at 5 AM the next morning to go to Haridwar. Thank God I knew ahead of time and I had everything almost completely packed already before we left for Delhi. I’m not a morning person by any means and I don’t like to get up early so this saved me from leaving everything behind. My brain just doesn’t function before a certain time of day and I can’t make it lol. 

Anyway, the trip down took 10 hours driving in the car. The roads were awful as usual and much to my amazement Uncle ji had listened to hubby when he told him I can’t eat dhaba food and he actually stopped at two clean restaurants. Neither of them was expensive, both served Punjabi food and had things I could eat that were made without oil and coriander seeds (dhania). It was so nice because last trip all we ate at was dhabas and I’m just not going through that again.

That night we got to the holiday house and Uncle ji insisted on the free food available there. Thankfully I wasn’t hungry and was just tired from traveling so I had a light snack, took a pain killer so I could sleep and got ready for bed. Day 2 he insisted again on the free food and I tried to eat it. I started getting a sore throat before I got done with half the food and within 30 minutes I was starting to hurt. 

Also, my legs and feet were swollen so bad I couldn’t get my shoes on and when we left the holiday house he assured us we would get a rickshaw down to the temples. That didn’t happen. We wound up walking almost 3 KM to the road they were all on and then we walked the whole road. Well, I walked most of it. My legs started wobbling out from under me and the third time I almost fell over from it I told hubby get me a rickshaw and we rode to the last temple on Uncle’s list…which by the way was another KM away! Chachi was telling Uncle her legs hurt too but he wouldn’t allow her on the rickshaw. 

Lunch he did the same thing, took us to this greasy dhaba so he could get what he wanted (which btw is always the same thing). I took 3 bites of food and my mouth and face started burning. Even though we had specifically told the cook not to put in any spices he had dumped dhania all in the food and there were some other spices as well and he had cooked the rice in oil. Eww. I just stopped eating and was told that they would take me somewhere else to eat when they all got done. 

That didn’t happen, they wanted to do something else first. It didn’t matter if I ate to Uncle ji who was already full. We didn’t make it far though before I damn near fell over in the street from the horrifying pain in my stomach. My head hit hubby’s shoulder and I was able to grab him before I fell. The pain hit me so hard in my upper stomach. I spotted another restaurant nearby and we went in to sit down and I ordered something I could eat and took a pain killer. I couldn’t even keep my head up off the table because the only way I could breathe through the pain was to keep bent over. I was sweating and having chills it was so bad. I made it a point to inform Uncle ji that it was the food, I can’t eat it because I have some pretty severe allergies to it.

After the painkiller kicked in I was able to get up and walk again. We went down to the Ganga, and all that’s in the next post! I will also have part 2 of this post after the remaining Mastercard posts because there is a lot more to say so you guys don’t think I’m over reacting.


  1. Oh, and though they are not recent, I do have some good posts about India. I've had some good and fun experiences here. I have some amazing stories - some I'm still working on writing now and will be out soon. Maybe there's less of them than the sad posts, but it's been a rough few months. Happy posts will arrive I promise!

  2. Oh I raised hell lol. I'm still working on the delicate balance between embarrassing hubby and dealing with little things that shouldn't matter. I ordered the dhaba food out of hunger. I hadn't eaten because I wasn't getting any food other than snacks and I was getting hungry. I was really hoping all the sickness was over and wasn't food related and I felt it would be fair to try to order the food. Eating it is what made me certain of the allergies as before I wasn't 100% sure. That's why hubby and I started going elsewhere after uncle kept insisting we go to langurs and dhabas the rest of the trip.

    As for walking we had to walk up the hill from the holiday house. I knew that because it was in the back of an alley way. So I figured I could deal with it. We got to the top and there was a rickshaw a few hotels down and I thought to myself that wasn't far I could manage that. We passed it and I asked why we weren't getting in it. Uncle ji started walking faster (which is normal because seeing white girl makes the prices go way up). He did stop at a rickshaw or two and I thought that he was trying to get one. Then he just quit and there were no more. I was constantly saying something but every time hubby tried to catch up with him he ran off on us again. He was being a bastard to say the least and using that tactic to get away. That's why I finally gave up trying to play nice and stopped in the middle of the street and demanded a rickshaw. I refused to move lol. But to be honest, that kind of behavior is just not me. I'm not like that normally and I wasn't like that in the states either. I don't want to turn into a bitch just because I moved here but it's beginning to look like I can't get anything done any other way. So now I have to work out how to deal with this because I have no intention of turning into a full time bitch. I won't like myself if I have to as it already gets on my nerves. I put my foot down a lot and it works but I really do try to refrain from doing it unless I can do it without the anger involved. I had much rather be intellectual than just pissy lol.

    I think hubby felt a little powerless too when those situations came up because he still feels like the child in the family. So I stood up for him too and put my foot down (which worked) a few times on other issues lol. That jackass uncle actually tried to make us all skip dinner after he drove us 5 hours out of the way on the way home and that was after he refused to stop for lunch trying to make up the time difference. Our 10 hour trip down turned into a 2 day 15 hour trip home thanks to him. The only reason he fed the kids is because I made him feel like crap - and I don't feel guilty one bit!

  3. Your post make me sad.. why cant this girl has one good post about her life in India :(... well.... I am melodramatic :P... Anyways, I wonder how come you didnt protest for things you KNOW will harm you. When you know about your allergies, then you should have not eaten anything from the dhabas, why try ur luck, when u r so down on it ?? and why o why would you walk .. i dont understand.. if you dont feel like it.. ?? C'mon girl, wake up the american spirit sleeping inside you ... dont become a coy and weak indian bahu ... :) ... Stand for whats right for you !!!

    Its the Indians who have problem in saying NO. You should be at ease with it :)

  4. I thought so too for a while. But I'm sure it was the dhania. I already suspected it because several times I bit into it in other foods that had no garam masala and I felt like I was going to throw up as soon as I ate it. I had already been avoiding it for that reason. The other spices in the rice were cumin and red pepper and I eat those all the time. If there was something else I don't know what it was. The rice was also swimming in safflower oil, I could tell that's what it was by the smell. I have no idea why they would put the oil in the rice but they did...eww lol. I'm just glad I know because it's so much easier to avoid it and able to enjoy food. I love food! ;)

  5. :( Dhaniya is actually good...I think it was the other spices...garam masala etc...


    #_#Chintu Singh