Friday, October 7, 2011

Uncle Ji is a Selfish Jerk Part 2

Day 3 of our trip Uncle ji wanted to drive over to Rishikesh. He again insisted we eat at the holiday house. This time hubby was tired of telling him that I can’t eat that food so we just refused to join them – again – and hubby had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with me in our room. I didn’t even bother to rush to get ready because I had no intention of being bored watching him eat or smelling the grease in the food he was consuming. I swear the man has no concern for his health but that’s beside the point.

We went to Rishikesh and again did a lot of walking. But this time all he wanted to do was go sit in every Ashram there for a few minutes to relax. We didn’t see one single temple. He did pay for the water taxi just to ride it. First we walked across the bridge then got on the water taxi and rode back to where we started. But he paid for a return trip so then after riding back we stayed seated and rode again to the side with all the stores and Ashrams. (And this is the same cheap jerk who can’t spend a few rupees to make sure I have food to eat?) I almost forgot to mention that when we went to Rishikesh he insisted on eating at the langur at the gurudwara there. Hubby and I again refused and went to a cafĂ© across from it. 

The entire trip I was told to stay with everyone because it would be rude to run off by myself. That worked for me but what about Uncle ji. He stayed so far ahead of us that sometimes we had no idea where he had went and which turn he had taken through the streets. I finally just said screw it and me and Chachi did our shopping, stopping wherever we wanted. 

Coming back from the Ganga he started in on his “shortcuts” and insisted rather than walking towards the hotel and back through the street shops on the way that we go up the hill away from our hotel. He led us into some dark alleyway with way too many ppl and I just refused to go. So did Chachi. It’s not smart in any country to drag women and children through a crowded, dark alley at night and that’s especially true in a tourist location. Not to mention we were going the wrong way and there were no rickshaws back there.

On the way home, his shortcuts added 5 hours to our driving and caused us to have to find relatives to stay with because (despite leaving at 7 AM) it got too late to keep driving and we weren’t going to make it home. Of course, he got his free food at that gurudwara that he drove 2 hours out of the way for. Then to cover his bad manners of this going on for 4 days he came to the restaurant where hubby and I had went ate again. What a dumbass. It took him 4 days to realize he was being a cheap jerk and that he wasn’t the only one on this vacation. Not once during the whole trip did he listen to anything his wife or kids said either. It wasn’t just me not being able to eat. 

If only you guys had more time I could write it all. But no one comes to a blog to read an entire book lol. I know my posts get long enough sometimes already.


  1. LOL ... there is a saying in Hindi - Hari anant, hari kathha ananta !

    it means - God is infinite, his stories even more so !

    Oh my poor Uncleji ... raconteur's best dream !

  2. What u mean poor Uncle ji lol? He's the villain!! hahaha...jk.

  3. Lol, I'm glad you like that then. I find it difficult to portray what I mean without the details. I want to make sure you guys feel the story line as I tell you all this stuff hahaha.

  4. Oh dont worry about long blogs, I find it interesting just coz u fill in all details :) ... Its like a Indian family soap opera. 

  5. Just smack uncle jee already!

  6. have been following you for so long, find it really interesting.keep writting :)