Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stuck in Punjab?

Well, with everything that happened in Delhi with the visa and all the circumstances leading up to it, around it and after it it's looking more and more like I'm going to have to find a way to tough things out and stay in India or find alternatives to the US. Even with my trust issues I've always had full trust in God that things happen in his timing and if we don't get something we want there is a reason and it's not always revealed immediately. So here is what's going on:

Turned down in Delhi for filing the visa the quickest way (takes 3 months) means that by the time we get an appointment I will need to have made more money than I can possibly make and the savings we have in our bank won't be there any longer. It was already earmarked for a piece of land and wasn't our money (it was on loan). So not only do I not make enough, I won't have enough in the bank to cover the difference in how much I made x5 which is what the embassy requires. I can't get a co-sponsor because there is no one I know that qualifies who will do it.

2 days after coming back from vacation and Delhi there was a major and drastic change with my job circumstances. There isn't enough work available from my main contract to keep me at my current income. This is only a set back, but will make a huge impact on the final year end revenue I will make which further impacts the visa eligibility. Since I trust God, I'm quite sure he knew this ahead of time and maybe that's why the lady was such a b*tch. I'm not too worried about the job because there are other contracts, I just have to get off my lazy butt and work on them and now I guess I have the time and motivation to do it.

In talking with family about possible resolutions, I learned just how bad the current economic crisis is affecting the areas I would be able to live in (with family) and there is a very slim chance we would be able to afford to move back and get jobs in those areas or close enough to drive. That coupled with very high gas and food prices would make it difficult for the first year at least. We can't just move to a bigger city because there would be no support there and we definitely need that starting out financially. I'm not sugar mama and I can't have enough money to satisfy immigration and still have the $10,000 it would cost me to get established in a city alone right now.

Much like I've been on the 'I hate India' train a few times this year, I'm currently on the 'I hate the US' train right now. I left for a lot of reasons and I'm not the only person I know who was royally fed up with life in the US. It wasn't good before I left and my only reason for wanting to go back was the sickness and the need for something familiar. So now I'm back to thinking the US sucks and I'm not even sure I want to go there anymore. So instead, hubby and I are exploring other possibilities for where we want to go and what we are going to do with our lives and future.

Thankfully, I did discover what caused a significant portion of my pain over these last few months and I can also use that knowledge to move forward. I will keep you guys updated as for now, my future is quite uncertain. But for now, I'm definitely stuck in Punjab!


  1. You're right Kay! Rohit and I have had conversations about how thankful I am he didn't come from some of the villages and live under harder circumstances. I know for a fact I wouldn't be here if he had. Love can only conquer so much and I get close to my breaking point here inside of the city in a decent house with my own room. And's freaking bug season right now and I don't do bugs well. If it wasn't for that little thing that plugs into the wall I may just have lost it completely already lol.

    It is surprising how far the gap is between the paycheck and the living expenses. It's also surprising that despite that most ppl still have maids, drivers, cooks, etc. I understand fully why joint family systems still exist here.

  2. I am working on a book but I am in the very early stages of it. This one isn't non-fiction though, it will be about my life. I just have to get more organized with all I have written so far, go over it, break it down into chapters and make it flow together well.

  3. It does suck. And in my case I actually have to be living and integrating into both societies. They want me to have a house/bills/job here in India and in the US at the same time. It's a complicated mess. In addition to all that I need about $35,000 in the bank. They are ridiculous.

  4. Oh God that sucks ! I thought you could just marry someone and get a green card !

  5. Living in Delhi is definitely very expensive--I was floored when I realized that  living expenses in India are more expensive than Canada! Gas, electricity, electronics, are much higher and you don't earn as much in India (even in a major international corporation) than you do, in the same post, abroad. India is also very competitive--most people have a masters' degree in their field and are willing to work day and night, while feeding their bosses' egos, without complaining. It's not an easy world to live in unless you have a set lifestyle. I definitely would not recommend moving right now.
    And punjab's not so could have been stuck in Bihar...or some small town in UP or Jharkhand.

  6. In India we have saying that if one door closes there are 10 others that open. I am sure there must be something better for you in this whole visa deal.

    Maybe now you can look into options in India as in Bangalore, Delhi, Chandigarh. Where u can be independent and setup your house as u want and other things.

    I was wondering have you ever thought of writing books, novels ??
    This is a very new upcoming industry in india, everybody worth anything is writing a book these days ?? Why dont u give it a shot ??? You can have a new sherlock holmes locked in your head.. who knows :) 

  7. Aero, to sponsor someone for a Green Card you have to prove to USCIS/US gov't that your salary can cover both you and your spouse. Even though my husband makes twice what I do, I had to provide my tax documents for the past five years and current pay stubs to show that even if he was not employed, my salary would cover us.

  8. Just out of curiosity, cant you sponsor him for green card ??