Friday, October 7, 2011

A Short and Funny Dussehra Story

I have several blog posts scheduled about my vacation and such but this was kinda funny so I thought I would throw it in the mix.

I've mentioned my MIL understanding me pretty well despite the fact she doesn't speak more than 10 words of English. Well, last night was one of those hilarious moments that I will always remember.

I had went out grocery shopping and came back and FIL asked me what I bought. I told him groceries. He later told hubby that he didn't understand me at all. It could be because of the language gap or the flu that is clogging up my sinuses right now but I wasn't too worried because these things happen. In the past MIL has had to explain my English to FIL and translate for him which I find hilarious considering she doesn't know English. She's also explained my Punjabi to him when he didn't understand what I said in Punjabi. She rules lol.

Well yesterday, after he said he didn't understand me, I guess she got the idea to show him how talented she is. Now, I love to pick on my husband so I knew that's what she was doing. I could tell by the look on her face. I'm all for hooking up my friends so I played along this time lol. She had been in the kitchen cooking and it was almost time to blow up the evil statues for Dussehra.

She came into the room where we were watching the festivities on TV with roti dough on her hands and this big smile on her face. She gave a quick glance to FIL then turned to me and said something about niece and me going upstairs. I smiled and got up and answered "han ji." She then looked back at FIL, lifted her head a little and walked away. HAHAHAHA! I know for sure she was showing off her 'skills' of how well we communicate despite the language gap, otherwise I probably would have asked for a translation from the niece or nephew. I was loving it.

I found out a few minutes later what she was telling me was to go upstairs because niece had made a special statue to burn up just for me. It was cute. Here's a video of our own individual celebration for you guys!


  1. Thanks, glad you liked it! She's been bragging more and more lately lol and she showed off for Chachi last night. This time I didn't catch on and it was natural but it still kind of amazes me. We understand the weirdest things with each other. Like last night she was giving me a rag to clean the air conditioner filter and those are the kinds of words you just don't learn in class lol. Somehow I knew exactly what she was saying and did exactly what she had just said. Maybe it's just that we are both on the same page and have the same ideals about some things but it works for us so well.

  2. Hahahah thats pretty cute lil story :)