Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pre Karva Chauth Dinner

I think it's an understatement to say we are regulars at a few local restaurants. I have my favorites and these are the cleanest and friendliest places in town to eat. Last night was no different. Hubby wanted to make sure I had plenty of food in my tummy before fasting for Karva Chauth so he took me to one our favorite places. Now, just to give you an idea we were there last on Tuesday and when we walk in the door they know which seats we prefer (there are only 3) and they know our drink order which isn't the norm for India. So they seat us, several waitors assist us and stop by our table to ensure our meal always goes well.

It doesn't hurt that hubby tips well, especially after they bring him alcohol lol. They all know this and they know how often we go in there. Before tonight I knew we were, at the very least, valued customers. Tonight was a little different though. We were seated as usual at our most favorite table which meant they had to rearrange the layout of the area because it was set up for a party. They brought out our drinks and we were starting to relax. The whole section was empty besides us.

Then these low life losers came in. I say that because when they sat down I got this creepy feeling and hubby became uneasy. It was two rough looking young men and a younger girl. Still, I know it's a restaurant and I focused on what was happening at my table but it wasn't long before hubby and I both became uncomfortable enough around them that we both stopped talking. One of these guys was sitting so that his head was in a position where he could stare right at me and still keep up with his conversation. The other was turned directly facing me. Neither of these men would have been in my line of sight, nor I in theirs had they not turned their bodies in such a manner.

If I or hubby turned our head their way they had to turn their heads to avoid being caught staring. This wasn't the normal staring a foreigner receives, nor the stares a mixed couple receives from normal members of the community. The more this went on the more creepy it became. I mentioned to hubby I was uncomfortable which is a big deal because 99/100 times I don't even notice people staring at all and I never notice to this degree. Hubby told me he was uncomfortable too and that he was going to the mens room and on the way back would say something to the waiters. (They hang out near them mens room lol.) On his way back he asked the waiter to move us and the waiter insisted we stay put and he would make the creeps move.

A few moments later the waiter came by and made them move. They instantly asked if he was making them move because of us and insisted they hadn't looked at me or bothered us. They were only 2 tables away so we heard the whole conversation and the waiter hadn't mentioned one single time that they had been staring or made either of us uncomfortable, he hadn't mentioned us at all. So these low lifes knew what they were doing and had basically admitted it. The waiter told them there was a party coming in and promptly put up reserved signs.

I felt really good at that moment. I felt like we had reached VIP status at this restaurant because that was a big move to make. We were willing to take another table but they wanted us to be comfortable. It was a good feeling to receive this kind of treatment from the restaurant. Hubby was a little concerned those low lifes might try to start something but I assured him we would be okay and in the end I was right. We had no trouble from anyone. Dinner was also fabulous after those guys were moved too. I can't eat without a good conversation and hubby and I were talking too much after they moved lol.


  1. are such a darling....
    Happy Karwachauth...

    And its good to know that you were happy in the end :-)

  2. It's good it didn't last long. I can manage the staring most o the time but there was something very negative and creepy feeling about these two guys. I rarely ever feel that uneasy.

  3. I think this is one of the sweetest comments I've received! Thank you! You're right, Rohit is a very innocent and sweet person. He defies everything you would think about Indian men, especially Punjabis, and men in general. I'm very lucky to have found him and with the circumstances we met under it's even more of a unique thing that we wound up together. Glad you like my blog, I'm always happy to have positive spirited readers!

  4. ah..yes, this has happened to me...we were at the local pub where the guys know me and we get taken care of. One day there was a guy who kept staring at me, I was alone at that point, and it was already starting to annoy me, so then when DH and our friend came back, I thought it would stop. Well, nope, the guy had (and not in any way discreet) sat back in his chair and was staring at me. If he had done this anymore then I would have said something but at that point we were leaving. :-)

  5. I wish these losers get a life and stop bothering respected people. Rohit seems to be an extremely lovable man :) I've recently started reading your blog :) and I don't think I'm going to stop anytime soon :)