Monday, October 31, 2011

The Only Halloween Treats I'm Getting in India!

Today was Alpha One day. I'm beginning to have lots of fun at this mall, no matter which day of the week we go. A while back I went on a Thursday and there was hardly anyone there but some drunk guys tried to sit with me in the food court while hubby was picking up our order from the window. I don't like drunk ppl ever and I wouldn't let some random stranger sit with me so I put my foot on the legs of the chair and promptly yanked it back out of his hands. It was annoying but fun. Of course, then the two of them proceeded to stare at me as if hubby wasn't there so we ignored them and left when we were done.

Today however I went into the mall alone. Hubby dropped me at the door because he's still a little superstitious about doing the same thing too many times in a row (he thinks someone will notice and start keeping tabs on us or something). So I told him I'd meet him inside at a store on the 2nd floor. I went in, got searched as usual and headed for the store. I was drawing more stares than usual which I find odd. Wouldn't it be more interesting to see a white girl with a brownie rather than just some random woman alone? Which happens less? As many foreigners as I see here I'm sure you're less likely to see a mixed couple (though I've seen 5 or 6 since I've been here).

Anyway, I kept walking because I really don't care if they stare and I'm certain my head was a little higher because it makes me feel like a celebrity. :D I just want to get one of those Glenn Close style cigarette holders and trott around like she does talking about how "mahvelous" things are lol. I can't help it, who wouldn't want to be a star and doesn't everyone deserve their 15 minutes (or months ..meaning I would have at least 6 more to go) of fame?

So I get to the escalator and some Sikh guy who was coming down the escalator swung around and jumped onto the up escalator stair with me. His 2 friends had to scramble to keep up. Now, in my mind I'm thinking "who the hell does this jackass think he is?" On the outside I'm acting like I didn't know he was there (because the escalator was crowded and I couldn't move away) and poised to drop kick him (or his buddies) where the sun doesn't shine if they mess with me. The trip up was uneventful other than listening to their conversation where his friends were asking him wtf he was doing and he kept telling them shut up.

Later on in the trip to the mall the same thing happened with a different guy. Only this one didn't get onto the same step as me. Weirdos. I know all about eve teasing and I'm not going to stand by and let it happen so I pity the fool who tries it on me first. It's why I'm always on guard, even when I'm out having fun.

But those two incidents are nowhere near as funny as the show I was treated to after arriving home. I was putting away my purchases and found a box of fireworks in the closet that we missed on Diwali. I showed them to hubby and he got the kids upstairs and went out to shoot them off. I was a little behind him and they got ready without me. So when I got to the door of our room and opened up the curtain all I saw was hubby running like a crazy person with one of those super cheap sparklers Uncle ji had purchased (they were using them to light the other fireworks so they could stand further away).

Omg! I love my husband but the way he was running was too freaking funny. He had on (my) flip flops and his pants legs rolled up to the knees which didn't help the overall look. Imagine a little kid with a full diaper who just did something he's proud of and he's running to his mom with something in his hand. That's about what he looked like. Then the firework exploded and it was really cool. There were about 10 in the packet and he set them all off, running from them like that each time. These things were crazy lol. They had the shortest fuse (about an inch) and so half the time they blew up before he could get away. Still, I couldn't help but laugh too hard and he tried to get me to light one. I declined and gave the excuse no one was gonna watch me run away like a little kid lol.


  1. Lol, I don't torture him that bad. And he does it to me too. It's just a silly way we pick at each other. I say some of the same things about Shahid Kapoor and he chooses Kareena Kapoor.

  2. Came to know about this blog via IndiBlogger. Got hooked to your story and read almost all posts in one go. Keep up the good work and wish you a happy and successful life