Thursday, October 20, 2011

Movies of Note

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out my new International Criminal Justice Blog, please do. I just posted a piece yesterday relevant to both the US and Indian entertainment industries. Something I was unable to find any other references for other than my own personal experience. It pays to be cultured!

This blog is about stolen Bollywood content that I do not see any lawsuits over. Maybe someone should take note. I would also love to have your comments and thoughts about what is going on between these two giants.

Another movie of interest I watched lately was Challo Dilli, at the recommendation of a reader. Thanks Naren! You're right, I am a lot like Lara Dutta's character in the movie. I do get horrified over greasy foods and nasty bathrooms just like she did. I wouldn't want to share my car with some random man while I was alone in the night. Nor would I be happy about a lot of the things that she got irritated about lol. We both have purple iPod's and our lives are in our laptops. I frown upon being in the presence of unsavory gangsters and I too would purchase a first class AC car (or better) train ticket lol. I don't think I'm quite as arrogant or as stuck up as she is though.

The movie was quite a pleasure to watch and even hubby enjoyed it after I had to wrestle with him to watch it with me. I don't think I will ever forget the scene where she is at the inn and the food comes to the table and her stomach starts churning over how unsavory it is. I have done that too many times when I was served food at a dhaba on the side of the road that the flies always beat me to eating or that had so much grease I couldn't see the food.

Overall the movie was quite humorous and well worth watching (with subtitles if you don't know Hindi).


  1. ah.. good luck to you then... :)

  2. It's not about the pay. It's about the interaction and being able to do something that doesn't involve this room I seem to be held prisoner by. I'm about to blog on just this subject. I'm still scheduling posts though because I've had too much to say lately lol, so it may be a day or two before you see it.

  3. Are you sure.. you wanna do that ??
    Two reasons.. 1) it wont pay you well in the beginning.
    2) u will still not have a house independently

    As a translator and voice trainer you get much better pay.. better hours and u will have to move out of where u are.. giving you lots more freedom.

    Think about it.

  4. I have! It was good and I liked the way the real estate scam brought the family together. I'm a sucker for that kind of sappy stuff.

  5. I liked challo dilli as well :D However, I did not like the ending. Have you seen Khosla ka Ghosla? I love that movie...


  6. Yeah we eat eggs. Rohit got pissed at his mom for using them all up too quickly once recently and brought home a full tray that took up half the fridge lol. She got the idea for a while, but now even those aren't kept in the house. I think that's why I get so irritated. Ican't go get my own food at the store but they don't keep anything here for me and I haven't figured out how to manage yet. I wish I lived on a farm, I really miss those days.

  7. Wow bhabi ji,i didnt realise about the whole food issue,i too love my food and hunger will make the sweetest natured person cranky. Do they eat egg in yr house? perhaps you can make omleet or egg fried rice with veg in? Life is hard in big cities in India, my family home is a tiny village i think its easier to cope in a small pind. We also own a big farm so dont face the hardships that yr going through. I hope things get better for you very very soon, and do please take care of yrself... Rab Rakha xx

  8. I actually have a great idea, one that will give me everything I need. I've spent the last several weeks researching for what I need to do, etc. I'm going to offer tutoring services to children in the local area on their English. Of course, they will have to be older children who don't need full teaching services but I'm confident I can manage and I will do it while Rohit is home in case I run into any translation issues. I also have niece and nephew who speak good English that can help if any of the children don't understand me as I'm getting started. In addition to that I've got some clients lined up for future work as well.

  9. I used to live that way, like Vinak. I had such a positive outlook. And you're right I am very irritated lately. I'm under a huge amount of stress and I'm having (what seems to me) some sever difficulties adjusting to the Punjabi lifestyle. When I ask for something important I don't expect to have to ask numerous times, only once- maybe twice, but never to have to keep asking and then still not seem to get it. My biggest issue right now is how food is not kept in the house. If food is brought in it is devoured in an extremely fast nature. So the only things in the house to eat on a daily basis are potatoes and tomatoes. I for one am pretty much sick of potatoes and tomatoes. Yes, I do my own grocery shopping but I've been repeatedly told not to purchase the veggies at HyperCity because they are available in the streets. I listen and then the veggies never come to me. Or when they do MIL cooks them all at the very next meal, leaving me to wait days and days to get any more. If I don't listen and I purchase them at HyperCity she will leave them alone but I can't get enough to last a week because they rot so fast here (even in the fridge). This leaves me hungry about half the week then. And eating all processed foods is quite difficult - I really crave fresh veggies and they are by far my favorite thing when it comes to food. Still, I trudge on throwing my fresh tomatoes and some seasonings on bland pasta, every day asking for things to be brought into the house. I've even learned a few tricks with onions to break up the monotony of just tomatoes and potatoes every day. (And there is only so many ways you can cook those 2 before you start to get irritated.) I can't even get them to keep a loaf of bread in the house so I can make a sandwich with my processed foods or the tomatoes. I might get one sandwich before the whole loaf is consumed in less than 24 hours. It's unreal to me.

    I know I'm suffering from some vitamin deficiencies and I'm still getting sick pretty much constantly. I've had a sore throat for the last month now - every single day, and that topped off with a stomach virus just this week alone. Yet for some reason, I still can't sit in a room with the fan off because they think I will get too hot so they turn it on and I get worse. I'm tired of arguing on that one. It leaves me tired and very frustrated and I can't really blame anyone because none of the above is done maliciously.

    I did get in a little retail therapy last night that helped. Literally none of my clothes fit so I picked up some new ones and was pleasantly surprised by my purchases. I will blog about that soon, I think this comment is getting long enough lol.

  10. I am glad that you liked it. Just like I thought, you found "deja vu" points in the movie :).  

    Vinay pathak and Lara Dutta were best suited for that movie in their respective roles.

    There are many facets of India and I am sure you can tweak your way of life to suit this country. You just need a little bit of patience :). I am pretty sure things will ease off once you start living independently.

    You can get an easy job being a diction trainer in the backoffice/call centres sprouting all over Gurgaon. And they pay pretty damn well too.
    Try to talk to a few consultants and get a feel of job market. I am sure there must be jobs like that in chandigarh as well.

  11. you seem to have been very irritated lately,some of which im sure is very justified,other times it seems its frustration and homesickness? it would be much better to relate to Vinak Pathaks character in Challo Dilli, His answer to all the troubles big n small is ‘Kaun see badi baat ho gayi?’. He makes friends with everyone along the journey, be it a truck driver, waiter at restaurant, goons or co-passengers or a politician. He has fun no matter what. By the time this journey ends Manu’s attitude rubs on to Mihika & she also learns to have fun on the way instead of making a big deal out of trivials. Bhabi Ji,always try to live life in Chardi Kala, it will keep you young and beautiful! x