Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just Walk Away

That's what I'm trying to do. If I make it through Diwali without going off on Uncle ji then it will be my greatest accomplishment this year. At the moment I'm writing this to get my anger out of my system so I can finish my day.

Last night he went out and bought some sparklers for the kids after they begged for days. These are by far the cheapest sparklers I've ever seen. They are entirely paper (not metal stick to hold them) and so when you hold them in your hand they bend which made it difficult for drawing shapes and such in the air or having any fun with them. Second, they don't stop burning so the kids are scared to hold them for more than a few seconds and instead lay them on the ground and just watch them burn the green color that they are. Here's a picture: The thick gray one is the one's hubby purchased and the thin red/white/blue ones are the *high quality* sparklers Uncle ji bought the kids (they are 100 to a box they are so good).

Then today this cheap jackass comes up here and asks hubby if he can see the fireworks that we bought so he will know if they are a good brand or not. He immediately starts complaining that we didn't buy enough (we only got 25 different boxes of fireworks) and told us that the kids were telling him some of the ones we set off last night weren't working. WTF...we set off 3 last night and only one didn't work right. It did still go off, it just fell over on the ground instead of spitting fire in the air.

Then this jackass insults hubby and tells him that we only thought the fireworks were expensive because we had never purchased them before after hubby commented on the price we paid. Can you believe the nerve of this freeloading, no good for nothing loser? OMG. I just walked out of the room and went to shower. I figured I needed the cold water to avoid opening my mouth. After all I was taught to respect my elders.

I swear I don't want to sit on the terrace with this man to watch the fireworks go off tonight. He already stepped on me last night when we set off the 3 that we set off to test them and then looked at me like I shouldn't have been in his way. Thank God we have the upper terrace because I will be standing there instead of next to the jackass tonight. I wonder if I can get away with dropping trash or something on him *by accident* of course.


  1. A swift elbow to the knee when he stepped on you could have made for a good "accident." But dropping something on him "accidentally" would be fun too.  Isn't it times like these where you want to grab a person by their shoulders, look them dead in the eye, and say "what the hell is wrong with you!!!!??"

  2. Absolutely! Only thing is if I asked him what was wrong with him, he truly wouldn't know. He thinks this is how to live. In ways he's right. What person wouldn't want to sit back and watch while everyone else does all the work. I know I always wanted a management job myself and he's just pushed his way into one in his personal life. Ugh...disgusting!

  3. Lol...thank you...thank you very much!

  4. Lol...he followed me up when he realized me and niece were having the most fun from up there. Oh well! And you know, he didn't buy any more fireworks even though ours weren't enough for him. I knew he wouldn't.

  5. BTW, you rock white bhabhi ! 

  6. Oh my... Oh my... Oh God ! That was sooo hilarious. Cant describe it. Sparkles without metals XD. I forgot what it was called....I guess was called 'hunter'....And the thing about not purchasing fireworks before ! I guess uncleji is going through some kind of a bad phase in his life. Beware of the higher terrace because I can imagine uncleji attacking you with a rocket XD even before you bomb him with trash XD.