Sunday, October 23, 2011

India Fashion Takes Over

So with hubby’s new positive attitude we went on our first shopping trip (since the change) on Thursday. Normally these trips are rushed and kinda stressful because I know how picky he is about clothes, including my clothes and I also know how hard it is to find clothes that I want anyway. I still had gift vouchers to spend and thanks to my new weight loss had no choice but to buy clothes whether I wanted to or not lol. So off we went. 

Now, I never in my life wore stripes – ok…well not since the 3rd grade. Until moving to India most all of my clothes were solid colors and maybe a design here or there on the t-shirts. My fellow gori-bloggers and I were just discussing the other day about how before we married Indians our clothing choices were a lot less flashy, colorful, etc. So when hubby suggested a green striped sweater I reluctantly decided to try it on.
That was me, being motivated by his positive attitude not to say anything about how I would never have worn that before. I was also kinda nervous about the fit because it looked tight and I’m not into tight clothing (leggings not included) and it was much shorter than the tops I typically wear. But I thought, why not. I can be brave and try something new because it’s really rare for him to come to the women’s clothing section with me. 

He actually picked out two striped tops, one sweater and one sweatshirt. I went to the trial room and put on the sweater. The first thing I noticed when I looked in the mirror was how good it looked on me. I was a little shocked but excited at the same time. However, I was right about it being tight. It clung to every part of my body so I called hubby over to see because I really felt like it would make him uncomfortable for me to wear it. Like it or not, I don’t want to invite negativity back into our lives. 

After trying on both he decided that tight or not it would be okay with a dupatta over it and the other shirt was gonna be okay as well even though he felt it was a little too form fitting as well. Both looked amazingly good and flattered my figure in ways I never would have imagined. So I guess India is winning again….it’s sold me on wearing stripes now lol.

The positive discussion that followed over dinner was also nice. Hubby was happy because these are the kind of classy styles that wealthier society wears (as he put it). I was excited because I can’t ever remember a time I looked in the mirror and was completely happy with an outfit (both shirts went fabulous with my pants lol). I’ve always had a kind of inner self hatred that I just learned to deal with but I didn’t feel that this time.
Thank God for this new positive lifestyle we’re living! Without it, I wouldn’t have gotten the bonding experience with hubby nor the awesome new look. Now to find some more positive energy to keep it all going. ;)


  1. How nice. My husband is also picky about clothes, but because of him I'm wearing more classical clothes now. But strangely enough we had a fight when I was looking for my wedding dress last year as he wanted a truly bling thing and I was surprised to get compliments from him on an old silver top I wore for the office Christmas party (he even said what a pity I didn't wear that at the wedding !)... Men... aren't they strange...

  2. Yes they are lol. Rohit doesn't have bad tastes in clothes but he always wants me to wear jeans and I hate jeans. He does like my yoga pants too but he goes through these moods where he thinks I have to dress western, then he'll change to Indian. It drives me crazy. I sometimes feel the need to remind him that I'm a fully grown woman and I know how to dress myself lol. Obviously I haven't failed at that in a long, long time and I can still manage.

  3. Lol, sounds like my kind of shopping trip (the clearance bins). I miss those because you just don't see them here in Amritsar. I did catch some clearance sales in Delhi recently though. I look forward to the day I go shopping in the US with my best friend again and we tear through the outlet mall and find $10 Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Claiborne items. I just wonder if they are available in bright pink and purple or if they will even have sparkles lol. We're ruined...but at least it's in a pretty way lol.

  4. Hehe I smiled reading the thing about how goris in their pre-india days have less colorful wardrobe, that is so me, back in my single day I think the boldest hue I had in my entire wardrobe was a burgundy red sweater, everything else was in hues of black, grey, cream and browns, with maybe one or two summer tops in bolder hues, my pants were all jeans, and tops all basic and very few with prints. Shoes were basic black and basic brown, even summer sandals, my red converse were the only crazy ones in there.

    Since living in India I have a lot lot more color in my wardrobe, not just in ethnic wear but in western wear, and way many more styles and cuts, when I went back in Switzerland for 2 months I realized I was standing out with my hot pink t-shirts, crazy ethnic jewelry, bangles, and bright shoes, heck even my two pairs of sneakers aren't the good old black and white, I have one sky blue, and one purple and yellow, the purple and yellow one had a friend's daughter laugh asking me if my hubby approved of such ridiculous shoes (she was 12 year old, the age of wanting to fit in) I laughed and told her that my hubby has no say in the color of my shoes LOL I also remember having a blast shopping back home, it was the Summer sale time, and all the pretty colored stuff end up in clearance bins with you having hope to find your size because no one likes these bold clothes, but they were perfect to wear back in India :)