Monday, October 17, 2011

I Said it Required NiHM!!!

I hadn't had the need or the opportunity to use my camera since vacation at the beginning of October. So imagine my dismay when I turned it on to shoot a pic of myself before all the Karva Chauth festivities started only to find that it no longer worked. Let me explain.

I have an old camera. I've had this camera for about 5 or 6 years and I love it. It's been an amazing camera. I only paid $350 for it then and it was a Sony Cybershot with a 12x opitcal zoom and Carl Zeiss lenses.  Ican stand on the terrace here and shoot pics of things that are really far away and they come out clear and still blow up to a 8x10 without pixellation. It's more camera than I've ever needed, even though it's only 7 megapixels. This camera has been like my baby and I take good care of it.

On vacation I had a little mini argument with hubby over wasting camera batteries. This happens all the time because he wants to see every picture he takes and stare at it and show it to everyone and talk about it for a while before he takes the next one. I had warned him that I only had one set of batteries because the other two sets I had brought with me from the US had just worn out from age. He doesn't like me tell him that and we always get into a little mini-argument. It doesn't phase me much because I know when we get home he will appreciate having the extra pictures.

However this time he insisted I let his uncle watch a video of us in the Ganges only minutes after it was taken. I brought up the argument about the batteries and he insisted we would find new batteries. He has said this before, and has been saying it for months. I scoffed back I would believe it when I saw it. And guess what...the batteries died with 2 days of vacation left! Now, he did look for the batteries. Several times he found "digital" batteries and I showed him where it said on the package "alkaline" and re-explained how my camera cannot use those batteries because those would mess it up.

Even one shopkeeper promised the digital batteries would be fine and tried to con us into purchasing them. I told him if he allowed us to open them and they worked I would pay for him and he withdrew his statement. Figures lol. Anyway I told hubby those batteries would mess up my camera. So we gave up looking and I told him we would just have to live without it. I was fine with that because I was getting tired and it gets heavy carrying all the junk around. Then uncle insisted we had to find batteries.

They took my camera and set off to find the batteries and came back with a working camera. I checked and they had bought digital batteries. I freaked. The batteries worked and they took a few pictures with them but they only lasted about 1/2 hour before being dead. I also noticed that the meters on the camera weren't reading right, such as the battery meter and how much space was left on the memory card. Oh, and let me not forget to mention that I told them if they f*cked up my camera (yep...I used those exact words) that they would buy me a new one. I was pissed off that they didn't listen to me and went against me like that.

Still, the camera seemed okay with the batteries in it but I didn't use it much because, as I mentioned, they died quick. Now, I turn on my camera and all you see is a black screen. The inside shutters are not opening and the camera won't take an actual picture. I'm going to give them a chance to fix it but I just may be in the market for a new camera. That doesn't make me happy. I really loved that camera.


  1. Nice post gal.

    You've got a real sweet blog. btw My first giveaway at my blog. Hope you'll like to enter.

  2. Yeah lol. Although Canon has that new night photography feature that sounds the most useful to me. ;)

  3. Hey Bhabhi, go n ask Rohit to buy u a New Camera. May be a Nikon. There are so nice babies are available in the market now.