Saturday, October 29, 2011

Family Feud...She Shoots...She Scores!

I swear me and MIL have some kind of ESP with each other. I know I've mentioned our being able to understand each other even with the language gap and that we have said the same things at the same time on more than one occasion but that's only the beginning.

Hubby doesn't give his mom nearly enough credit. Now, I don't know if she planned it this way or if she hides her keen skills on purpose but I promise you my MIL rocks. Hubby always tells me that she's a simple woman, she doesn't know about this and she doesn't understand that. He couldn't be more wrong! While I wouldn't hand her one of my John Douglas (FBI profiler) books, I would have to say my MIL is pretty savvy and knowledgeable.

In the 10 months I've been here I would have to say she's learned my habits, ways and personality exceptionally well. Aside from our differences in cleanliness standards I would say she manages the house quite well also and seems to know everything about everybody and their habits here. Combine that with this unique ESP thing we have going and you get an inspiring combination.

I told hubby about the shower thing, where Chachi is now all of a sudden in there at 1 PM, and he thinks I'm over reacting and that she can't be doing it on purpose. (Yeah...he's still doing well with his positive attitude obviously.) So I let it go and we went on out to dinner (that was Thursday - I'm a bit ahead on posts these days lol so they're all scheduled). Now it's Friday and I decided to play a duck and dodge game for a while and go back to random showering to throw Chachi off. However, MIL is ahead of me - check this out.

I didn't come out of my room this morning because I was busy working (and socializing online lol). I didn't go down for breakfast or anything because I didn't feel like it. The entire time I've lived here, whenever I do this I always shower at 5 PM which is what I intended today. So I went down around 12:30 and started cooking my lunch. MIL was looking pretty bored and watching some Indian drama. Chachi was on the terrace doing dishes. She came downstairs about 10-15 minutes later and was doing something in the kitchen.

I got my lunch almost done and started getting my water and such ready to go back upstairs. That's when I noticed MIL get her clothes and head for the shower. I know what she's up to because I have NEVER seen MIL go down to shower at this time of day. Like clockwork she is always in the shower at 8:45 right after FIL leaves for work. So MIL gets literally half way down the stairs to the shower and Chachi grabs some stuff in her kitchen and races towards the top of the stairs. She stops dead in her tracks when she realizes MIL is already on her way.

Oh how I wish I could have laughed out loud. I did nearly fall to the floor trying to hold back the laughter though because when I looked to see what was going on Chachi had two dishes in her hand. Now I know she wasn't going down to wash 2 dishes after she just got done with a load and not only that but obviously there are 2 other places to wash dishes - one of which she was just using. I can't guarantee it but I'm quite sure MIL has also caught on to what was happening and decided to take matters into her own hands lol. After all MIL knows Chachi better than I do and may have seen this. MIL knew I wasn't going down to shower because she does watch these things quite well but Chachi hadn't had the opportunity to notice. Therefore I choose to see this as MIL's way of standing up for me. I just can't rationally explain it any other way.

I'm like MIL, I notice these things and MIL wouldn't change her habits for no reason. She likes things to stay the same and be on schedule. So to Chachi I would like to say (but won't to her face because it's less fun than playing the game) - Ha! It's 2 against one and you lose!!

Oh, and you should all know I'm starting to get weird looks from hubby over this ESP connection with his mother. I think it worries him a little because he knows he's never gonna get away with anything lol and now he has to be careful not to sit between the two of us. FIL is having a similar reaction every time MIL shows off with it too. I think it genuinely scares them hahaha.


  1. Interesting perspective. I'm glad you shared. I'm not a confrontational person but I'm not going to stand by and watch the silly behavior go on. I may be low in the hierarchy but, as you mentioned, these things do happen in families and things go back to normal after a while. This isn't my first time living in a joint family and there were problems there as well. I remember quite a bit about that situation. Everyone has to work together, like it or not. I know in the end things will work out.

  2. I only just started reading your blog... and i reached here through . Though i have nothing in common with all
    you white women who have married Indian men, i just read this post and
    the few related ones before like the pizza incident and then bath times.

    This is very similar to the chain of events that happen in all joint families in India which ultimately lead to passive aggressiveness and then ultimately aggressive aggressiveness between the women of the house and then the men get involved and ultimately families sell the houses and split up and go their separate ways. (I have several friends and neighbors who all had joint families). I believe joint families hold together only until the women get along (Cause they spend so much time together).

    This chain takes a lot of time maybe years but with the way your chachi and uncle ji behave, it is inevitable.

    One thing and (and its a big thing) you have going good on your side is a supportive MIL. And it's not like the rest (Husband, FIL) are not noticing uncle ji's and chachi's behavior. I'd recommend not being the one who confronts cause you are way low on the hierarchy and you'll only come out looking like the bad person.

    Ignore them (Including not doing nice things OR unnecessarily being respectful) and their opinion should not even matter to you. This might even help you get closer to your MIL.

  3. Oh my I would have loved to see the face your Chachi was making, and her just carrying two dishes toward the bathroom to prevent you from taking a shower is pathetic, so glad your MIL noticed what happened and took the matter into her own hand :)

  4. Thank you! I know I enjoyed the hell out of it!