Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bombs Bursting In Air - How This American Celebrated Diwali!

****** WOW!!! ******
So after my post about Uncle ji and his bickering over fireworks I convinced hubby to take me out to lunch. It was almost 3 PM and I hadn't eaten anything all day and I wasn't in the mood for the same old tomatoes, potatoes and pasta that have been the only staples keeping me alive all this time. I was a little sad because I missing my family and this is a major holiday. I vented my frustration though it didn't make hubby very happy to hear and then we had a really good lunch in which I tried some veggie (maybe..could have been a fruit) that I have never even seen before. It was good but now I don't know what it is to get more. Even the waiter didn't know but I can't hold that against him.

Later in the evening we were called down for puja which Uncle ji led. I got pissed again because we came as soon as they called and it took less than 30 seconds to get down there but they had already started without us. Hello? Aren't we family too? To get even I've decided to let you guys all see Uncle ji's half bald head. >:D

After coming home I spent an hour watching Ice Road Truckers in the Himalayas. OMG....I got all wired up just watching, I can't imagine driving those trucks up the road. I cried when the guy with blue hair talked about his daughter and I laughed when they freaked out thinking any little bump was going to destroy the goddess statues they were transporting. If you guys haven't seen it, watch it and see how American's react to India lol.

After puja Chachi, MIL and I walked to the temple to light little candles. MIL officially handed off her duties to me and I lit the candles and she instructed me what to do. Onlookers were amazed that I knew what she was saying so well - and they have no idea that I don't know Punjabi well lol. Most all of them were neighbors anyway and they get excited to see me. I have a good reputation here and I like that.

So I lit the diya and put one in front of a picture of Laxmi, one on the *shiv ling* (had to emphasize that for humor), one in front of a statue of Laxmi and one for the tree outside the temple. I gave some food and Rupees to the pundit and after dumping it in a big bowl, turning around for something I got back part of someone else offering. It's random, and kind of interesting. Here's a pic of the shiv ling all lit up for ya'll. (I know it's childish but part of me wonders if the shiv ling was worshiped before or after Kali held him down with her foot?)

After the temple we came home and watched the fireworks for a short while then went and ate dinner downstairs, Chachi's treat. Then we went back and watched the fireworks for a little while more and then set off our own. While watching I lit the candles to place out on the terrace and by the doorways so Laxmi can see how to get in. Since there was a death in the family this year I put them out of sight of the neighbors so as not to offend the family of that relative. More lady of the house responsibilities. It was quite the treat.

Every year in the US we go out and watch the fireworks (set off by the fire department and police) for the 4th of July and for New Years. Never has any of that even come close to what I saw here for Diwali. I went to the upper terrace and what I saw was a sea of fireworks. Over half the houses were setting off fireworks. There were so many going off in every direction that you couldn't possibly see them all. I kept turning around and around looking at the most fascinating ones. Once a firework came down and exploded between MIL's feet (she wasn't hurt).  Everyone was having a blast, all over the city.

The fireworks have now been going on for at least 4 hours and I was informed they would keep going on for at least 5 more.. I don't think I could sit up all night watching but I got quite a nice treat watching for hours. A nice end to the day....even though I didn't get the opportunity to drop anything on Uncle ji after all....too many ppl were watching and he followed me to the upper terrace.

Oh...and hubby and I jousted with our sparklers. I won!! if there was a doubt that I would! The embers only hurt a little for a split second but he ran from me anyway. (Niece and nephew were scared of the sparklers as it turns out lol.) And one other point to note - MIL and I said the same thing at the same time (her in Punjabi and me in English). This happens A LOT. I swear we have some kind of ESP connection and I love it!

Videos will be up on YouTube shortly.


  1. I like *all* food. :D
    Tomatoes and potatoes are not the family diet. It's just that is all that is kept in the house for me to cook with and after 9 months of having them every single day I'm about sick of them. I do require a somewhat different diet from them as I've learned of some allergies to some of the spices I didn't know I had before coming here but that's really no excuse for there never being anything else in the house I can eat. It's tiring.

  2. Lol. Thank you! Hope your Diwali went well too!

  3.  I'm glad you had a nice day for the most part :) Do you not like Indian food or something, or is the potatoes/tomatoes just the family diet? 

    Jasmine :)

  4. happy diwali Bhabi ji, This Diwali, may you be blessed with good fortune as long as Ganeshji's trunk, wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach, happiness as sweet as his ladoos and may your trouble be as small as his mouse. p.s, old uncle is a ganja kanjus!  (bald miser),id like to play his old baldy nut like a tabla because he annoys our beloved bhabi ji so much xx