Sunday, October 30, 2011

Big, Big, Big, Big Boss, Big Bosss.....Big Boss!

So that's what I hear every night now. Hubby is addicted to the show, despite his dissatisfaction with the characters this season. He's glued to the TV at least 10 minutes before it starts, remote in hand so he can flip back and forth between stations to appease his boredom waiting for it and when commercials come on. It's quite a site to see. Just don't try to speak to him because he's truly in some foreign land where there is no language they understand. He can't see or hear anything else in the room, city or world around him because Big Boss is on.

I on the other hand can't stand the show. I was never into reality TV anyway. I view TV as an escape from reality (minus the cooking shows because I could watch those all day). I like to watch things that entertain me and don't have so much realistic drama. As you all have read, there is enough drama in my daily reality that I really don't need to watch more drama on TV. That's why I quite watching soap operas in the US several years ago. I realized that Days of Our Lives had nothing on me!

But let's get back to Big Boss. Any of you who have seen it will quickly realize why no big stars will come on it. They had quite a time getting Pamela Anderson last season and this time Salman Khan turned them down. The show is full of some way out there, overly dramatic people who thrive on being trouble for everyone else. Now, I don't watch it, but I am exposed to this because I'm not going to sit outside in the late hours of the night just to avoid it. I can't do that - the mosquitoes like me too much. So I happened to overhear (then look to see if my ears deceived me) one girl the other day complaining that she needed her food re-cooked because it wasn't the way she normally ate it. I don't even know what it was but she was telling some other girl to cook it her way and she refused to eat what the girl had already cooked her.

Now, this is excessively rude. You're not a paying guest at a restaurant. Get over yourself already! I think the girl cooking told her the same thing because next thing I know this girl was cooking her own food. Serves her right. No one is your dog to boss around and if you don't like it you don't have to eat it. Starve for all I care, just don't be such a b*tchy loser about it.

See, this is why I don't watch. People like that get under my skin lol. She was rude to the girl who cooked for her. No "thank you" for having her breakfast cooked unselfishly by the other girl or anything and from what I understood the girl cooking had tried and only missed one little detail that shouldn't have been a big deal. This is one thing I'm glad I don't see a lot of in my life in the US or here in India. If someone offers you food, you eat it and be thankful. The only time you refuse it is if there is a health or allergy issue at hand and then you respectfully decline. That's basic human nature.

So the way I see it is like this. It's no wonder these rotten women have a month they can take off their normal lives to live in the Big Boss house. Their families are probably glad for the break from these rotten apples. I just wonder how embarrassed they are now that the world knows what kind of rude and rotten children they raised. And I'm not even going to mention the inappropriate sexually related behavior featured in very small portions to promote the show. Ugh.


  1. Yeah I remember Big Brother in the US and when it first came on years ago. The commercials made it seem so dumb I never watched it. It was a huge hit though. I just don't get into this stuff at all.

  2. Ugh! I feel for you, I think last year we were browsing through the channels quickly and fell on Big Boss, and we must have watched 5 minutes before deciding it was the biggest load of garbage TV had to offer.
    The funny thing is that these are just B or C list celebrities, little "nobodies" who or fell out of the spotlight eons ago or are struggling to make their mark, such a crass high drama show ensure that they are in the spotlight for a while, that maybe if they do something outrageous enough tabloids will mention them and that it will launch their career, but they generally fall back in the dark a few months after the show aired. No A-list star would risk their reputation going on such a show, they have a career, and a life.

    It's like that now famous UK celebrity Big Brother season where Jane Goody made racist comments toward Shilpa Shetty, they got both back in the spotlight for it, Shilpa Shetty wasn't that much of a big star, still not sure she is really, she did it because it got her international exposure, Jane Goody, well not sure what she was, but her comment had her back on the map, who cares if it was as a mean racist bitch, Shilpa won the thing, she was the poor little Indian no one should have picked on her, gained sympathy, came back home a hero for enduring the racist spat and winning the show. Life goes on, and the next batch will steal the show making the previous year's resident vanish, meanwhile the crowd is apparently entertained by the crassness of it all...sigh!