Thursday, October 6, 2011

$200 For a Purifying Dip in the Ganga

This is part 2 of a 4 part posting, modeled after the popular Mastercard Priceless commercials. 

Ganga Haridwar India tourism

When we all got down to the Ganga and found the place near the changing rooms it was a relief. I was ready to sit down. My legs were starting to hurt (that after exercise burn) from all the walking around Delhi and now Haridwar. I loved the sites and seeing everything, don’t get me wrong but I did want to sit down and relax for a few.

Haridwar India Ganga pilgrimage tourism

Uncle decided he, hubby and nephew were going to get in first and the women could wait on the shore with their clothes so nothing happened to them. Ok, fine. I can deal with that. It gave me the chance to rest and get a video of them looking silly when they got in the water and realized how cold it was. It also gave me and Kitty a way to plan how to play jokes on them. None of which we accomplished later but it was fun scheming.

Uncle came out and Chachi, niece and I went in. It was cold but felt so freaking good. All the muscle tension and aches went away and my whole body relaxed. I went under several times and then nephew and I started splashing each other (and everyone else)! No one was safe hahaha! Then we all decided to sit down. At least until these south Indian women came. Then we had to move. OMG is all I can say. 

These obese women in sari’s with no choli (shirt) came down and got in the water right next to us. They didn’t seem to care there were children there. They took their sari’s almost completely off. (Later some did take them all the way off!) These women had their headlights in everyone’s faces. It wasn’t a very appealing site and since some of them were wearing light colored sari’s you could also tell they didn’t have on panties. So gross! After they were done they changed standing on the sidewalk in front of hundreds of people as if it didn’t matter that they were naked. And to think, so many Indians talk about how Americans have no self respect! Those people need to visit the Ganga!

We wound up going to the Ganga twice. The second night was about the same only this time one of those naked sari women actually hit Uncle ji in the face with her naked headlight. She dang near hit nephew with the other. The shame of it! You will never convince me she didn’t know better and the area we were in was not crowded.

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