Friday, September 16, 2011

An Open Letter to India

I need the humor these days so upon learning this kind of letter is circling the blog world I thought I would write my own with a much more humorous take than the nasty letters I've heard of. (Imagine the song in your head "What the World needs love, sweet's the only thing, that there's just too little of.....). So here it is, my love letter to India.

Dearest India,
You inspire, intrigue and fascinate me. You make me feel emotions I rarely ever felt before. Living with you is like being on a roller coaster ride (I don't like roller coasters :D).

But I must confess, it will never work out between us. I cannot live with this type of over stimulation of my senses. It has been an adventure, but a tumultuous one. The ups and the downs of living with you and embracing you have been more than my mind and body can handle. Though I wanted so much for us to have a long life together, I understand that it will never be what I had hoped for.

I find it disheartening the way you just turn yourself off randomly when I need you. I have never met anyone so cold (as in the water) and lifeless (when the power goes out). What is even worse is that you just don't care. You have no remorse and you never try to change. I know you don't act this way to punish me but I want someone who is always there and never leaves me, election year or not. I feel I deserve to have someone always there. I don't want to spend my life always waiting for you. It's not fair to me, my family or anyone else for that matter.

You will always have a special place in my heart but, for now I am sad to say that our relationship is over. I must end things with you before I no longer have the strength to do so. If I distance myself now, I know I will be able to move on, even with the love for you still in my heart. I hope that someday you find peace and the equality that so many deserve. I hope that your life is not always such a struggle. Goodbye dear friend, goodbye.



  1. Wow, that was my favorite post! So sincere, so real. There are moments when I also feel this way but now, I guess, I'm at a stage when  I am feeling too comfortable here.

  2. Hello dear, how are things? Are you back in the US again? I´m sorry I haven´t been around for long. Hope everythings good. :)

  3. It's all good lol...I know you ditched the blog world for your man. It's so sweet. It must have been going fairly well because you were gone a while. I'm not back in the US yet, but headed that way in the future, probably the beginning of next year. Now that you're back I must stalk your blog again! :D

  4. I guess, sickness aside, most of the problems stem from the fact that you aren't doing anything of late, apart from online activities. 

    Had you been in a bigger city and a little more independent, you would have been much better off.
    The best would have been to get a job, maybe as an english teacher or phonetics and diction trainer for a call centre etc.

    Once you go out, make friends, talk to people, the life seems so much better.

    Since that is not happening so all this pain.
    But taking ur hubby to US, wont he be a fish out of water.
    All his life he has been cared for by his family, he is used to this life and never prepared for the life you taking him to.

    What you want can be achieved here in a bigger city like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh etc. What he needs will never be given once hes out of this circle/Country.

    I hope you have thought much and hard about this whole moving to US issue.

    Gud luck. 

    ps:- Just in case you have never heard about it. Go to it has huge wealth of knowledge from various Indophiles and expats and the locals.

  5. Yeah, living somewhere else and here would be better. I don't doubt that at all. Yes, he will be a fish out of water but, he won't have all the restrictions I have and where we are moving is a huge Indian community. He will be afforded opportunities to socialize, work and get out of the house whenever he chooses - things I have not been allowed to do here. Had I been able to leave the house or make friends here I would have done better. However, it seems like that is not a possibility and I know I can't live in isolation any longer.

    He'll get more of what he wants and needs than you realize. Not all cities/communities/etc in the US are as distant as TV channels portray. We will be moving into a joint family situation and he will be getting a job as well. We have put a great deal of thought into this visa. It was actually our original plan 3 years ago but did not work out then because we weren't living together and a big drama at the embassy.