Friday, September 16, 2011

Eating Too Much Desi Ghee

Okay, so I'm venturing from my normal posts a little bit hahaha. This was just too funny not to pass on.

In India, or at least Amritsar, there is a saying that once you get married one of you gets fat. There's a sad truth to that but it's because of the drastic change in responsibilities. I won't get into that because I swear this is a funny post. But you needed to know that to get the joke.

Now, in our relationship I have lost a significant amount of weight. Hubby only found 1 or 2 kg's of it. He hasn't gained any weight that I can notice. But, his friends none the less make fun of him because they are sure he's going to be the fat one. It's mean, but that's how life is here for married men and I think they may pick on him a little more because he married a white girl. Their jokes aren't meant to be rude or mean but some of them are just too funny.

So yesterday hubby comes home and said they were messing with him saying he's gonna get fat because he's eating too much desi ghee. I gave him this puzzled look and told him not in my house because I don't cook with that stuff and I avoid using oil in most of my cooking too. He gave me this strange look back and said 'not that kind of desi ghee.' Yeah, I'm slow so it took me a minute lol. Apparently eating this every day is fattening....and from an even funnier point of view, it leads to these:


  1. you know when i see a desi/gori couple in uk,the girl is usually average size,but honestly anytime i have seen a white gal in india she has been huge!! i think sometimes thats why some white girls struggle,coz they dont have so much opportunity for stuffing their faces with so much junk anytime, day or night

  2. Hahaha, that's a good possibility. There is a lot of junk food here, just not in the forms I was used to. Thankfully I came here being a health food nut. I remember being so excited because everything was so fresh and there seemed to be so much easy access to good veggies. Then over time I realized that it was only a limited variety of veggies but still I did okay. I eat more here than I did in the US but I've lost over 25kg. I honestly believe it has a lot to do with the chemicals that we know are in US food (ppl are fighting it but the gov isn't listening very well). There are also steroids and such like that being fed to the animals. It's a mess.

    The US lifestyle is extremely fast paced and stressful. The junk food comes out as a necessity. Everything is set by a clock and there is usually way too much that has to be done in a day with no excuse to put it off until tomorrow. So the junk food eating comes from needing a break from caring or not having the time to. It's also well known (there anyway) that the majority of Americans are sleep deprived from not being able to get it all done and still manage 8 hours a night to sleep before starting over. It's crazy.

  3. you know theres very little alzheimers in India,also the bowel,rectal and stomach cancer rates are extremely low, i sincerely believe that its because there arent the kind of preservatives there are in "western" diet

  4. That's a very good possibility. Things seem to *move* a lot better here, that's for sure. There also isn't as much use of plastic containers and other cancer causing substances here in India.

    Interestingly, Alzheimers prevention is linked to actively using your mind including reading, working puzzles, etc. Anything that causes your mind to exercise mentally. Since life is so much harder here there is always more mental exercise (I believe) and the style of learning probably contribute to that as well. I haven't looked into chemicals and their link to the disease but I do know as far as prevention goes, India has the upper hand.