Thursday, August 25, 2011

Uncles and Aunties Don't Always Understand Progress

I don't understand some of the reasoning behind following your Uncle or Auntie's advice without question and this morning was no different. I get that your Uncle or Auntie has experience and knowledge you may have not had time to acquire yet and that is priceless. But that doesn't mean you should follow everything they say and do everything they do. We wouldn't have progress in the world if everyone followed in the footsteps of their elders completely. Let me explain lol.

Now, I'll admit I was a bit fussy last night on some level. I like to think of it as being firm or persistent but I don't know that hubby would agree. The night before my last post when I was in all that pain I told my husband I wanted to go the hospital. Pain or not, i was serious. He said he would take me, no doubt to shut me up and that was that. He didn't take me though. The meds kicked in and I fell asleep. The next day I told him that I needed to have my liver checked again to see how things are progressing so I know if I'm getting any better or not. He said okay.

Now his boss is being a retard and his office is the most screwed up place I've ever heard of to work for. When they hired hubby he was one of 6 people total. Now all that is left is him and the manager, who is not his boss. One man was recently transferred to start a new office as the business is expanding. All the extra work from the 3 other guys, whom have been fired, and the guy that got transferred has fallen on hubby's shoulders. So the manager pitches a fit for even a single moment of work that hubby misses - regardless of the fact said manager goes home almost daily for nap time after lunch. (Yes, before anyone asks the company is under investigation by the labor board for multiple legal infractions already.) Anyway, he hadn't been able to get off work yet.

So last night I firmly, and in a normal tone of voice, explained I would not be waiting months again for him to take me. My intention was that he could let his mom or aunt take me, which even he had suggested but no one has done yet. Hubby didn't take it so well and thought I was blaming him for not getting it done but that was never my intention. I let him know that and explained to him that if he's fully responsible for all my needs and refuses to let me go alone then someone has to step up and I'm not going to wait around forever for it to be done. That's the fussy part.

This morning we got up and he told me he was taking me first thing this morning. Yay! I got up for that lol. He was taking me to the laboratory I had been going to and I like that lab. The girl that draws blood is really good at it and I don't even feel it when the needle goes in. However, for some reason Uncle doesn't like this lab. He's never been there so I don't know why but every time he finds out we're going he complains and swears hubby should take me somewhere else. This mornings argument was how he knows of a better lab that has more equipment and charges less money.

I wasn't happy, but whatever, I went along because I needed the tests run. This lab was really far away to start with. When we arrived it was a in very dirty area of town. I didn't even want to get off the bike. The building was not nearly as clean as my lab and when we walked inside they had less equipment! But I saw why Uncle likes it so much. The prices were cheap. I swear that man scrimps every penny and he's the type that if someone else will pay, he let's them and mooches off them for what he can get. He won't ask mind you, but he will 'let' you invite him for you to spend your money.

The lady taking blood did okay, not fabulous. The equipment they were using was something from the 1980's, most likely even for India. I know because my lab uses new technology needles and this one used the old slide needles. The kind where you have to pull the plunger to get it to suck out the blood. I hadn't even seen anything medical with that type of system since about 1994 personally. ***TMI WARNING*** Then it came time to pee in a cup and the lab tech handed me one of those thin, flimsy, disposable drinking cups that she had written on. OMFG. That's when I knew this place was not as good as Uncle proclaimed. My lab has clean catch cups with a lid, like every other medical facility I've ever been to. I go to use the ladies room and it's not even clean and smells like mold and stale water in there. So gross!

Then we went somewhere else for the ultrasound. I think hubby got the picture about that place. Either by the cup or the look on my face, but either way I got out of there. The ultrasound place wasn't any better. The equipment was fairly new and the floor was clean. This was a larger facility specializing in all kinds of imaging. The staff was the friendliest I've encountered at any facility. Professionally they were really good too.

There was only one person before me and so I sat there waiting. Then they ushered me in as she was leaving the table. Only a minor privacy infraction for this woman and so I can't complain. Of course, this is when I noticed what I deem a serious problem. They wanted me to sit directly on the bed. This woman's used towels were still there and they hadn't even wiped the bed down. Now, since there's not nudity I wasn't too concerned about the bed but it did bother me. I still expected them to pick up the towels and was relieved when they did. Only to be horrified when the nurse started placing those towels on me. One of which she tucked in my pants to keep the ultrasound liquid off of them. I couldn't help but Thank God at that moment that there had only been one woman before me and she looked clean and decent. Since she was an older lady I doubt she had any STD's I could contract from that towel going down my pants. (I'm praying she was as clean as she looked!)

The nurse did take one of the towels off the bed. (Out of 3.) I had my ultrasound and the doctor was quick and good at his job. Then he handed me a towel to clean off my stomach and I about died! It was a used towel, still wet from the last lady cleaning off her stomach. I got her ultrasound liquid all over my hand and there was barely a dry place left on that towel. By then it was too late to say anything. The doctor and the nurse were both gone from the room. I used one of the dry towels to clean myself and I fixed my clothes and left the room.

I didn't say anything to hubby yet because I'm not sure how to approach it. This is kinda touchy. That imaging center was where Uncle always takes Aunty. I know where the buzz came from that had him take me there and his intentions were completely pure. I just can't believe after they actually clean the place they don't care to change the towels and things that touch the patients bodies. Ugh. I don't want to make hubby feel bad but I'm angry. I've fussed about him listening to his Uncle before and I really don't want him to feel like he has to choose. I'm sure his Uncle had good intentions to but this save a few rupees attitude is NOT for me. I refuse to succumb to it. I just don't want to be seen as the bitchy American who is too good for their medical system.

Have I been through enough suffering to get away with fussing about this? I know I'm scared of catching anything else. I've had so many infections since being here. Am I wrong to be overly concerned about the quality of my medical care? And where the hell does someone find clean and quality medical care in this city? I haven't found both in one place yet. Other than that one small lab that everyone thinks is so expensive. It's too bad they didn't do ultrasounds. It's okay though because when I go back for follow up, Uncle ji will just have to get over it. I'm going back to my lab.

Ya'll wanna know something funny. The tests this morning all cost more than my old lab! (only by about 50 INR) So Uncle ji is getting cheated and his family is getting substandard medical care. I can't say I know what for either. It's like he makes it more trouble on himself and works harder to try to save money and he isn't even saving anything. Your health is just too important to worry about a few INR like that.

On a good note, my condition is improving. My liver is slightly smaller than it was at the last ultrasound (about 2 months ago). I'm still waiting on the blood work to come back and let me know about the jaundice and liver functioning. I just wonder if it can be trusted. I did have some cysts this morning which is likely what caused the pain I was having the other night. That would explain why they weren't responsive to the medicine the doctor sent me. I was taking cold/flu meds because I did have some virus that was going around on top of everything else. Maybe my tolerance level has just fallen to 0%. Either way, I think I'm starting to get excited about going back to the states.

**update** not even an hour after posting this I went down to shower only to find I'm covered in tiny red bumps all over. 400-500 at least. I guess that lady wasn't so clean after all....or the hospital wasn't. f*ck.


  1. Hmm...sounds like a plan, just walk out. I felt stuck and didn't know what to do really. It is so much trouble to get anywhere, especially a doctors office lol.

  2. I tell the hubby every time not to ask his uncle. I have went postal a few times over medicines his uncle tried to give me. He's not a doctor lol, I'm not going to be diagnosed by an insurance salesman! It wasn't a government hospital though. I would have spotted that for sure. The doctor that runs it was a professor at the medical college here and I though it would be okay.

  3. I don't think you are fussy at all. You are so well behaved. I simply walk out of such places, how much ever sick I be. Good to know that you are feeling better now :)

  4. I really think you should be a lot more fussy :) This sounded like some government hospital for the poor. I definitely think you should not listen to any uncle and if you're going to a hospital or such - keep it as a secret from the elders, lol. They always have an advice which is, of course, based on experience that they got 30 years ago. Maybe that hospital was good then, but not now!

  5. You know,  wrong medicines might kill you. It's best to accept them but take only those that doctor prescribes :) A good advice for living happily in an Indian family: smile and say yes, then do your own way anyway :P Famous Indian corruption starts at home ;)

  6. Lol. You're right. I do that sometimes, but then hubby gets after me about did you take your meds hahaha. He knows I'm stubborn when it comes to that stuff. After a while I get tired of the same ol' fuss about 'no, I don't know what that is, are you trying to kill me giving me random medicines? let me check and see what they say...etc.' I put up a good fight many a times but as I'm sure you know there are no secrets in a joint Punjabi family so everyone knows when I don't take the meds and they get so worried and freaked out. Then I start getting treated like I'm an invalid (not always a bad thing) and they race around over doing everything because I'm sick and refusing meds. It's funny now, but not usually at the time hahaha.