Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fun at the Mall

Today was an interesting day lol. Now, don't think I'm crazy or weird but since living here I let my husband pick my clothes out a lot. Mostly because I'm not Indian, I don't understand the differences and formalities of Indian fashion and in America, I didn't even care. Hubby is Mr. Fashion Sense and can't deal with looking unfashionable while he's out. So I just let him pick it. Of course, I buy my own clothes and I pick those 100% but rather than hear him say 'oh man, you're wearing that?' I let him pick what I wear. Unless I'm in a mood, then I tell him where he can shove it hahaha.

Today, I decided to let him pick my shirt. Since I've lost so much weight a lot of things don't fit me, look terrible, etc. I already picked my pants because he's on a kick for me to wear all western wear and I refused to wear jeans again today. (I really hate jeans lol.) So we were on to picking a shirt. I went through everything I had that I thought might fit before he finally just settled on one and he wasn't terribly happy with that one. Apparently it fit just right in all the right areas and he actually said he was concerned about ppl 'raping me with their eyes.' (I'm laughing, though it's not really funny. I just can't help it, it was the way he said it.)

The shirt isn't that tight but it was made in India and, like the majority of the clothing here, is see-through (I got another post coming about that lol...ya'll just wait coz I'm calling it "Punjab's dirty little secrets.") It also doesn't cover my butt which just kills him hahaha. I'm loving it though, especially when he gets all confused and loves the outfit but is scared to let me leave the house in it. Poor man doesn't know what to do with himself.

Anyway, we are walking around the mall and I had a dupatta covering the girls at all times because even I don't want ppl seeing my body parts too exposed. I had own jewelry and I really felt the outfit came together quite nicely. That means, due to confidence, my posture was exceptionally good today lol. We are walking around the mall and hubby is buying a shirt so I decided to wait outside the store for him and watch the crowds go by.

Standing against the railing looking out two boys, maybe between 12 and 14 at the most, walk by me and one of them says something to the other then he stands beside me. I took notice because the second boy kept walking and then I saw a phone in his hand and he was going to get a picture of me with the first boy. I chuckled inside and walked away before the kid could get the camera going. Now, seriously they aren't old enough to need a phone, much less be trying to sneak pictures with a woman. It was cute though.

Then off hubby and I go and lo and behold while we are separated in the grocery store he runs into one of his friends who insists he must meet his bhabi ji. Hubby is really shy and nervous about these things but his friend talked him into it and here they come. Only hubby didn't realize the guy was alone and so came all his friends too. We said our 'Namaste's' and then they walked away. However, two young boys about 8-12 noticed and I saw them talking about it since they were only 2 foot in front of my buggy/trolley and they were staring right at me. I understood a little of what they said and then, in that cute kid sort of way, they walked over to me and said in their shy little voices "hello." I smiled back and they walked just past me and then turned around and ran back to mom and dad. It was cute and funny at the same time. They were holding onto each other like they were nervous but wanted to say hi since I talked to the other Punjabis. I don't think they had any idea I was there with hubby.

I've become a magnet for young Punjabi males lol. Thank God I wasn't at the mall long or didn't spend too much time alone running through the stores. I almost always get followed and gawked at in the mall but not like today. I'm thinking this shirt is going into retirement now. I really don't like all that attention and today was off the charts (not including the kids). Since I've been here I've managed to not notice the staring much but today was really different. I swear the shirt is not that see through but it didn't seem to matter. Or maybe it's that I've never been good looking my whole life and now after losing so much weight and gaining the confidence I'm not as shy and reserved. I'm not sure. I just know I don't want a repeat lol. It was fun...once, but it wouldn't be something I would want to do again.


  1. sigh! i so wish you were in bangalore! that's a much safer place for what ever you feel like wearing. i love jeans and am always in jeans, wish i could be a dress girl....i think indian men get a bit too protective at times :) and well, you know why...hehe :)

  2. No worries. I do wear pretty much whatever I like. I would dress much different in the US either. I just think it's funny how people react to things here. The kids I thought were super cute. You had to see their little smiling faces, like they were doing something fascinating by meeting the American lol. I love kids because they have that innocent, sweet and untainted view of life. They aren't racist, stubborn, mean or rude like adults can be. Of course, it's secretly fun to drive my husband nuts too hahaha. I know it's wrong, but watching him squirm is fun. ;)

  3. was nice to read a post from you about a fun day out :)
    I have to say, the staring in India drove me nuts when I was there...often it was harmless (like with awkward kids who don't quite know how to approach me), but I also found it exhausting and maddening day in, day out, especially when I was covering up with a shawl.
    I'm looking forward to your post on see-through tops in India...I mean of all the counties to go translucent on the top half, why India?!!

  4. Lol, yeah. The staring gets old some days and I break out my evil eye to stop the aunties hahaha. Mostly I don't even pay attention though because I figure it is strange to see a white girl, especially with an Indian. Anyone would be curious to see if we were together or just accompanying each other. That day at the mall was just cute though.

    I'm with you on the see through tops. I don't get it either. I was hoping for more content for the post, but I think I'm going to post it and if I find more there can always be a part 2 later. It's just one of those things that makes me wonder how life really works here lol.

  5. Hehe I remember in Gujarat, the women would these beautiful, colourful tops (can't remember what material they were made out of, but they were really shiny and made from panels of different patterns). The tops covered their arms and their entire front but were completely backless (tied with a string at the back), and they wore them with long skirts. Over the top of everything they wore these translucent shawls that covered them head to toe, so you only got a glimpse of their backs when the wind blew. Very alluring ;)
    Maybe shawls were introduced to this part of India with rising Mughal influence? I dunno...It is a very eclectic look!!

  6. Yeah those Gujarati tops were beautiful...and with all those different textures and fabrics and layers were not all see-through. Black bra under a white shirt is a great way to describe salwar kameez :) I guess it's safer to go for darker, slightly heavier fabrics, but they're not so great in the heat!

  7. That does sound alluring and I'm all for women looking and feeling beautiful. However, in my posts I'm referring to salwar kameez! Not so alluring lol. It looks kind of sloppy and unkempt. It's like wearing a black bra under a white shirt lol.