Monday, August 22, 2011

The Babes of Janamashtami!

Apologies in advance, this will be a picture/video heavy post. It may take a few moments to load. 

So tonight I made my fist outing to a festival in the local community. I haven't went previously because of sickness, fear of the crowd and lack of things to see and do lol. Festival season is really just getting underway for the year here and since I won't be staying forever I'm going to make the most of whatever I can.

So today is Krishna's birthday - Janamashtami. We went out to Durgiana Mandir (temple) early to experience some of the festivities. I'm not crazy enough to and stay until the midnight fireworks and I don't think my family would be too happy about hubby keeping me out that late in the crowd. They are over-conscious for my safety and well being and I definitely appreciate that. I don't think I would want to stay up that late either, though I'm sure it's beautiful to see. (And of course, our path home was through a really bad area because a lot of places were blocked off and we couldn't go the safe way home.

Anyway. Entering the temple they had everything roped off and set up for crowd control. Hubby was impressed as he said last year they didn't have it set up so good and his experience was awful. They routed all the foot traffic around the outside of the temple first and then around and through the temple then back out. There were tons of children and babies dressed up as Krishna, it was so cute. I did see one in just his diaper with the paint and everything on his face and he was precious, but as I tried to take his picture he ducked behind mama and so all I got was a shot of his side and diapered butt lol. Gotta love the babies. Here are some pics of the babies!

This kid was so cute lol. I got 2 of him because he was a wild one, all over the place and too excited about the festivities going on. He must have love the lights and sparkly banners. Here's another adorable cutie I couldn't pass up getting a pic of.
Isn't he just adorable! And one more for you. I snuck this one in because hubby was leaving me behind. (He walks so fast when there's a crowd lol. How he can grow up in India and avoid crowds the way he does I will never understand, but I don't blame him hahaha!)

I just love the babies when they are dressed up! This is probably as close to Halloween as I will get in India anyway. All the kids are dressed pretty much the same and I saw some as old as maybe 9 that were dressed up just like this too. They all looked so excited with everything going on.

Inside the temple there were people rocking a Krishna doll in a cradle and swinging him to take away all their 'bad stuff' from past lives. The temple was full of families. I really love to see families together (even the ones that step in front of my camera as if they didn't notice the stark, pasty, white girl standing there in broad daylight lol). That's one of the best things about India. You always see families together and dad's holding babies. I'm going to miss that for sure.

It's now after midnight (I was up after all) and there are still fireworks going on at the temple. We are watching from our terrace. There are several temples we can see the fireworks and hear the festivities. The music is playing loudly and we can hear it. It's hard to believe the neighbors are actually sleeping on their terrace as if they don't hear it lol. But that's life here. The streets are littered with people going to and fro and some seem to be starting their own parties now as there is new music that is much closer than the temples starting. What a great night for a power fault lol. (I'm not being mean...I meant we are having one and power has been out for almost 3 hours already.)

Hubby is trying to sleep so I guess I should stop typing lol. It's now after 1 am (it takes too long to put photos and videos up)...bleh, no way I'm going to be able to sleep anytime soon either. 


  1. :) you know more about indian culture now compared to me...i am so not religious and never bothered about the rituals either, am spiritual though :)

  2. Lol, I doubt that. I'm having fun experiencing it all and learning though.

  3. Thanks so much for the wonderful post - I love Indian festivals. I didn't have anyone to take me to mandir, though yesterday and I didn't get to see the Krishna being rocked in a swing. So, thanks for the video and photos!

  4. I never got to go before yesterday either. I found it so fascinating. I can't wait to get more. I just hope next time I can do so much better with videos and such. I just gotta get more aggressive with finding a clear place to stand so all the people don't walk in front of me so bad and I can get some longer videos. Hopefully, you'll get to go experience some of these things soon too. It's quite fascinating.

  5. nice description.. first i thought u would be talking about real babes!! m not sure whether you know it or not.. here in maharashtra they celebrate janmashtami with breaking 'dahi handi(curd pot)'.. sponsored by local politicians or other influential people.. they keep price money in millions.. and to attract more people or make it more popular they call some babes!! mostly from bollywood or marathi cinema :) 

  6. Lol, yeah that was a little sneaky for me to word the title that way. I did it on purpose. ;)

    I didn't know about the differences in celebrations but it sounds fascinating! I'm definitely going to search around see what kind of things I can find on those celebrations. I love to see these things and learn new things about Indian culture. Thanks for your comment!