Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yes 25C is freezing!

So finally, I feel like I have something not quite so depressing to blog about lol. It's really funny to me and I firmly believe life is all about the little things. Today, I won a small victory. A victory in the war on communication issues, a victory in the war on cultural differences and in general - a victory as a wife.

Don't get me wrong, I love hubby but, sometimes he gets on my nerves. I get on his too. It's a normal part of any relationship and possibly a bigger part of intercultural relationships. Sometimes we can look back and laugh and other times it just pisses us off to think about it no matter how long ago it was. Well, I can thankfully say I'm filing away one of those that keeps you pissed off and moving it to the looking back and laughing category.

Let me backtrack a little since I don't think I've brought this up before. I don't like to mention some things till I have a good perspective or a solution and this would be one of those things. We bought an AC unit in April. I, in the beginning, was determined not to use it unless I just couldn't stand it anymore. The weather hadn't gotten that bad but hubby insisted on using it every night. I figured, and it had also been recommended by many other expats, that this was okay because if I didn't get anything else, a good nights sleep was very important.

So, determined that power save mode was the best way to go, hubby turned it on every night. Now, I'm all for saving power but the unit was preset to 25C and I was always freezing. Luckily it had a mode that automatically increases the temperature every hour for up to 4 hours to help save even more power so I started using that so I wasn't shivering all night. After trying that for a week or so, I finally decided I was done with the power saving and switched to cool mode and put that sucker on 28 which was much more tolerable.

After the doctor diagnosed me with jaundice I got a little worried and started using the AC more and more. Still trying not to use it until I got too hot and never running it on too low of a temperature. But, it's been a 4 month long power struggle between mr. power save mode and I. Yep, you guessed it. We have been bickering on and off for 4 months over how to set the AC. He didn't want me to run it too much during the day, I was freaking over how much more likely I was to get sicker without it, etc.

Every so many days we would have these flare ups where he had asked his friends and they all assured him that power save was the way to go. He called the company, he asked the representatives and every time felt the need to re-educate me on how power save was so much better than cool mode. Not really caring if I was right or not I insisted that I could set the different settings on cool mode and still save power by not having the temperature set so low. We went back and forth on this.

After the first time or two this argument came up I got pissed and just flat out said it was too cold and there was no way I was going to use power save and I didn't care what his friends said. After all it was our money paying for the AC unit, the power bill and everything else so I didn't care what anyone else said. That progressed to 'the AC was bought for my comfort so f*** everybody else I will run it how I see fit and don't tell me otherwise.' Yep, the argument got nasty or more than one occasion.

I just can't deal with 25C. Not to mention how bad it is to have it on 25C then go out into 40C temps for everything I had to do outside of our bedroom (like cooking, bathing, shopping...etc.). The sad part is, most of our argument stemmed around his knowledge of using the AC at night when he really didn't use it during the day at all. I just felt like he didn't understand. All he could think about was how high the power bill was going to be. (To make matter worse, they informed us that it would take 4 months to get our first bill so we are only half way through that 4 months because they took so long to install the power meter. And he doesn't understand their tracking system that looks for trends in usage, he thinks that if we use it a ton now and then none in the winter it's going to cause some kind of major investigation into the household. Where do they get these ideas?)

Well, today was a fantabulous day! Hubby stayed home (sadly due to unfortunate circumstances) and I didn't say a word about the AC. I was busy and I was on the warm side of the bed while he was on my side which gets much colder. He flipped on power save mode and got comfy. The room kept getting colder. I didn't say a word. I was getting too cold on the warm side of the bed but I let it go. I didn't want to argue because I was tired of it lol. That's when it happened.

I was laying less than 12 inches from the wall with my feet under a pillow for warmth. Mr. power save mode gets up and tucks himself in that tiny space, feet under my body and starts telling me how cold he is. I still kept quiet thinking he would soon have to change the AC mode for sure. I did chuckle a tiny bit though. Less than 5 minutes later he was grabbing the AC remote again and he changed it and tucked even more of his body under me. I swear he was trying to get his legs under my back. He starts telling me how cold he is and I just lost it.

I started laughing at him so hard and I just about got up and danced. I told him this is why I refuse to run 25C during the day. I sit here in this room, the door rarely opens and the AC runs almost the whole time it's on. I told him that I now felt like he could finally understand why I was so adamant that power save was not the best mode. (He never listened when I said that the AC turns off more often and for longer when I set a higher temperature - guess his friends didn't understand that either.) Anyway, he finally succeeded and turned up the temperature on cool mode.

Now, the war is over!! I can't even begin to explain how happy it made me to know and see he finally understood! I have been in the best mood ever since. We went out, we laughed, we talked about some things and had some great conversation. We worked on some things together. I think it brought us a step closer to each other. This is so nice!

What's funny is, being as hard headed as any other Punjabi lol, when we came back home he tried power save mode again. I again held out and waited for him to say something. This time he was on the warm side of the bed and it didn't take long for him to tell me change it and turn up the temperature. Yay! I think my days of freezing to death in the middle of the Indian summer are finally over! And I can't be more relieved and happy that we will not argue again over the temperature I set the AC on when he isn't even home lol. Men!?! And they say women are confusing hahaha!

Disclaimer: (I'm starting to like these lol.) I know all marriages have their problems and all couples at some point argue over the stupidest things. This was a completely stupid argument and even more ridiculous it went on for 4 months. But that's life and I'm loving it. I hold the blame for this one on both of us since I couldn't explain myself well enough to him and he refused to think about my needs for a tolerable temperature. We are also both a little (*cough* maybe a lot) on the stubborn side as well. But we're getting there. These are the moments that make marriages all the more worthwhile. And guess who's snoring with the AC on 28C while I type this lmao. He couldn't get to sleep with it on 25....nah nah nah nah nah nah! I win!


  1. :) typical men! They need proof all the time :D

  2. I know right...of course, he's tried to go back to 25C a few times...unsuccessfully! ;)