Saturday, July 16, 2011

A New Appreciation for Dogs - My 6 Month Update

Now that I've spent 6 months in India I have a whole new appreciation for dog owners in America. Let me explain.

I'm not a fan of dogs, don't really care for them but I don't hate them or dislike them. I just don't care to be bothered with them. However, I have encountered many dog owners who enthusiastically loved their dogs and there was one thing I never understood until spending 6 months in India.

I was told several times by said dog enthusiasts that you can't just change a dog's diet and buy new food because it would upset their stomach. In America I always thought 'big deal...ppl do it all the time and that minor upset stomach isn't that bad.' After all, one week we can be on the South Beach Diet and the next on the junk food diet. We can be pregnant and eating every nasty thing in site that we never would have touched before or on a post pregnancy diet eating nothing but salad. The worst we typically get for all these outlandish changes is gas or a mild tummy ache.

So I never appreciated what a dog must go through when the entire nutritional content of his food was changed suddenly. Now, I would like to repent for ever time I had those thoughts. Doggies of America, I'm sorry I didn't understand your plight. I do now! Lol.

I've bordered on a roller coaster of confusion this last month between whether or not it was safe to eat or if I would have to suffer dire consequences from the drastic diet change. I would think after 6 months my body would be used to this but alas, it is not. I even stopped eating almost completely for while because the fear of how bad the digestive trouble would be was greater than my desire for food. I don't know what other ppl go through when they adjust but my digestive issues have been crippling.

I'm still having almost daily headaches, though now I'm not sure if they're being caused because I'm not eating enough or because my sleep schedule is messed up from the last round of medicines I was taking. I have had a few days of digestive bliss where there were no serious issues but those were short lived. I'm ready for this part of my life to be over already. My digestive issues are so severe that I spend most of my day lying down trying to recover from them.

It's exhausting, painful before and after and I no longer feel like a woman...I'm bordering on man status - ewwwww!! (No offense to my male readers, I just like being girly.) Thanks to all that drama I'm still not eating very well. I managed to force myself to pick at food all day long for a few days but I wound up taking pain killers just to get through each day. Rather than become a druggie I cut back again on my eating. I'm eating twice a day most days right now and I coughed up the INR to purchase some seriously overpriced American snacks like Pringles.

Sad thing is, I didn't like Pringles in America and I don't really want them here but I will at least eat them and (here's praying) they don't tear my stomach up too bad. I have also been overdoing it on the Thai Rice crackers I mentioned finding a few blogs ago. I now have 2 flavors. Amazingly, those settle my stomach when it's at its worst. Thank you God for letting me find those! I also still have my trusty ginger ale which works wonders but I don't have enough to drink it all the time. It's also seriously overpriced at 50 INR a 300 ML can. I don't relieves the pain and keeps me drug free. Though, I still hurt a little when I see my savings account.

Mentally, other than the eating, I think I'm still doing ok. Not good, just ok. I still have my moments where I profess that 'India is trying to kill me' but I know that's not really true. I recognize my dramatic moments a little better now. I've been up and around more than last month, though I rarely go out because the heat only makes my tummy troubles seem worse. Yep, you guessed it...I'm hiding out in my room with the AC on. Yeah, that's gonna hurt me in the savings account too but I really don't care. That's the one thing that will be worth it. After all, when you're sick it feels so much better to keep yourself cool. I don't have much to work with lol. I will take what I can get.

Most of my culture shock based depression has subsided. I didn't consider this serious, but I'm glad to see it going away. It helps that I've stopped being a brat about some things and reminded myself I was doing the same in America, just under different circumstances. This is mostly related to going out. I rarely left the house other than for work or necessities in America because I didn't want to and I had things to entertain me at home. Here, during my culture shock, I tried to convince myself I was being held hostage by my own concerns over language barriers and how horrible I am with learning my way around. Those things are true about me, but I'm not being held hostage lol. Well....only by the heat but I'm not looking at it that way.

I've gotten bored now by all the things that were exciting and new when I got here. This is good too. That means the glamor has worn off and life can finally become ordinary and normal. I can set myself into a better routine to offset some of the cost associated with purchasing expensive American foods and overworking the AC. ;) Routines are good in so many ways.

I've started forcing hubby to go to the temple. We went for a while after I got here but then he had a falling out with some friends that we always see there. This guy was a real jerk and I never liked him anyway so I let it slide. However, now I've decided that he shouldn't be allowed to disrupt our lives just because he's a jerk so I'm making hubby go back. Whether or not he talks to this guy is up to him. I need the social outing and the chance to pray and as a bonus, the temple is free.

Now I'm looking forward to some cooler weather so I can get back to cooking more for myself. I really miss the cooking. I just can't handle the kitchen here yet. Every time I try to cook my legs get weak and numb and I feel like they are not there anymore. By the time I'm done cooking I'm too sick from the heat to eat. I stick a few things in the toaster oven every now and then but there's not much here I can make that easily. Almost everything is done fresh (which is the way I LOVE) but I can't manage that yet. I feel hopeful this will get better soon. Until then, I will take all the rainy days I can get since they are so much cooler.


  1. Just a question out of curiosity- do you plan to live here forever? If you're even thinking about it, that is some love for your man! I'm impressed that you've lasted this long.

    I'm glad the shock is fading. Good going, White Bhabhi! :)

  2. Well, I'm really trying not to make any decisions while I'm so frustrated and going through all of this crap. At the moment my answer would be a big hell no and that I'm getting out of here as soon as possible. I'm not sure that feeling will change when I get completely through this because I just think the environment is too hard on my body. However, I'm still trying to be objective.