Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is Change Easy? How I Relate My Life to My Outdated Gadgets

I used to think that I was adaptable to most circumstances. I even worked in the customer service field where techniques, information and job duties changed on a daily, if not also mid-way through the day, basis. Now I'm thinking..not so much lol.

I ran across a Dell posting about "Change is Easy" and it got me thinking. So let me relate my life to my electronic gadgets and see just how much or little I've changed. (I know what you're thinking...this stuff still works....but it's not shiny and new...or purple!)

Laptop: I live in my computer. I eat in front of it, I work on it and all my friends live in there too now! I wonder if I should have changed my last name at marriage to the model number of my computer....hmmmm? I purchased it in April 2007. It got off to a rocky start. I had to have it repaired 3 times before customer service shipped it to their top facility and still couldn't get it repaired so they replaced it with a newer updated model in September 2007. So, like me moving to India, my laptop came into my world with a very rocky start. (Just in case you wonder, the keyboard literally had a mind of it's own and when the remote assistance tried to use the mouse the keyboard would pop up the smiley face that sticks out his wasn't so rude to me but still didn't work right lol.)

Now that I've had it forever, the battery has gone kaput and I had to replace it. The power cord barely stays plugged in and every now and then it just says (it's it's best Steve Urkel impression) 'I don't have to take this, I'm turning off." I'm starting to think that is like me too. With all I've been through adjusting to a new culture, sometimes I just fall asleep and say to heck with it too. And just to be funny, since we still have what I call Power Free Monday, sometimes I don't have any power to keep me motivated either. Lol.

Cell Phone: I brought my trusted BlackBerry Storm with me. I loved/hated that phone. (I still have it, it's just not so much fun anymore.) It is GSM capable and had a SIM card already in it. Little did I know I would have to flash it (that's like taking Indian medicine) and the flashing would take away some of the things I loved my email capabilities. I have too many email addresses, 6 I use on a very regular basis, and it's just too many to check. So, like moving to India....flashing my cell phone killed my social life somewhat.

Camera: I love my camera. It's the one and only thing Sony made that has never let me down. I purchased my Sony Cybershot in 2005 I think...maybe before lol. It has been the best camera ever. The pictures it takes are fabulous. The zoom lens is crystal clear on full zoom and the features of it are everything I ever needed in a camera. This camera takes photos while I'm riding the motorcycle at 35 MPH (or roughly 80 KmPH) that are crystal clear and perfect. I get pictures of buildings as I drive by, cows in the road or anything else I want a picture of and it comes out awesome. This camera reminds me of home. I had all the comforts and didn't realize it. I took them for granted. And like my lack of full respect for my previous home, I didn't respect my camera either. I'm just praying having it cleaned will clear up the recent issue it has started having.

What's a girl to do....I wonder if they have a combined laptop/cell/camera in purple? I and webcams would take care of all of that. I'm not that outdated...but it wouldn't have a touch screen. Or would it? Must shop now!

This post is an entry for a new Dell Inspiron as part of a the contest "Change is Easy" on IndiBlogger.

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