Sunday, July 3, 2011

How in the World Did I Wind Up Married to an Indian?

I'm just gonna come right out and say it because I KNOW I'm not the only one who has had these thoughts. I should also warn you that I'm one of those ppl who not only talks to herself, I answer myself too. It makes for some interesting conversations. ;)

So sometimes, like today, my Ego will up and say "Wtw are you doing married to an Indian? And what possessed you to move to India? Now, these questions are universal and some of you may be asking yourself from time to time 'How did I wind up married to an American?' or 'How did I wind up married to this man?' You get the idea.

Then along comes my humbleness and answers for me, "Because you know you'll never find any man THIS good in American and he's everything you ever wanted in a man, so STFU." "And this India crap is getting old, you know why you're here and why you're not leaving so stop asking that question and move on." I like my humbleness. I need that part of my mind the most. :D

So if you find yourself asking these same questions, just remember how you got here and why. It's quite refreshing. Almost like running the AC in snowman mode on a wretched hot and humid Indian summer day before monsoon season. Yup, it's that good lol.

I think we all need little reminders here and there of exactly what we're doing and why, no matter what the circumstances or the questions we are asking. It's like re-evaluating our goals in life. You should do that from time to time to make sure you're on track. Marriage is no different. We set out when we get married with goals for how many children, how much we're going to save and why, what kind of house we want, what we want from our spouse, etc. It's good to re-evaluate those too from time to time. Otherwise you might be getting nowhere and not even fully aware of it.

**A little off topic**

Not reaching goals or at least being aware that you are getting there can be depressing. I re-evaluated my financial goal the other day. I'm not anywhere near where I thought I should be. I know having to spend more money on special foods and trips to the doctor and expensive (for India) medicines has been a big part of the reason but it was still discouraging. I'm working almost every spare moment I can because I want to get there faster but it's moving so slow.

I do have to admit I'm doing much better than ever before in my life. India has helped that tremendously. For example, I find it easy to justify expenses for things I don't really need. I'm good at coming up with all sorts of valid reasons that are hard to argue with. Not just for me, but for hubby as well. So lately I saw this purple Vaio I thought I needed. Oh man, it was purple! That wasn't my valid reason lol, I swear. But I wanted it. I went to the store on purpose without any money in my pocket or the bank account I use here. That proved to be my saving grace.

I took home a brochure and swooned over the fact this laptop was purple, had a 500 GB hard drive, the new i7, etc. etc. blah blah blah. I looked all through that brochure comparing prices and checking to see if that indeed was the best laptop for me. I'm not a computer geek but I know enough to know that computers are designed with certain groups in mind. Like Mac's are hands down the best for anyone into graphics and designing crap on their computer. So, I know I don't need a Mac, ever.

I knew I didn't have the money available so I went online to look some more. (Just FYI, Vaio lets you customize your machine online and is coming out with a limited edition red!) I was redirected to Sony India immediately and perused the site for quite some time. Then it dawned on me. Some things only seem cheaper in India and I wanted to know if I was being taken in by the fact that these Vaio's were about the same price as I paid for mine when I bought it and it was an awesome machine then, though not purple lol.

I changed over to Vaio US and interestingly enough the exact same computer was almost $300 cheaper! And to boot the hard drive was 740 GB. Well that did it. I'm not gonna buy that stupid purple laptop now. *crossed arms* Hmph. It shall just have to wait and my dinosaur that is having old age difficulties will just have to get me by. I'm a little sad though, my dream of having a purple Vaio is now dead. I should have had a funeral for it but I'm just not ready to let go. I wonder if Sony US would ship to India and if the shipping and charges would be low enough to make it worth it....doubtful. Not to mention that it would probably never make it here. Sigh. I really got let this one go.


  1. You can always decorate the one you have with stickers! :)

  2. I know...I do need stickers lol. I have to get over the shiny, new purple laptop. Knowing it's so much cheaper in the US will help a little, but I really, really wanted it lol.

  3. You sound so original natural and cute :-) i am here for the first time but in years...this is first time i read two posts on the same blog. I like reading personal storiea and loved how you question/answer and jibber jabber on your blog. I do that too so could connect.....

  4. Very nice to meet you Chintan! I tend to write on my blog the same way I think. Often that's random but it seems to work for me lol.