Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me! India Style

I haven't really celebrated by birthday in years. It's rare for anyone to come see me or give me gifts on my birthday. My mom will give me flowers and money on the weekend closest to my birthday and my dad takes me out to dinner. That's usually it. But my Indian family has been all abuzz about my birthday for a week and was asking about it for the last month. What do I want? What are we gonna do? What kind of food am I going to serve for my party?

Well, I'm a last minute kind of person so I didn't decide until last night/this morning lol. It'll be okay. That just means I'm fitting in here better and better. I am finally grasping the concept of Indian standard timing. ;)

So I started my day off by preparing a bag of clothes for the maid. Things hubby and I no longer wanted or needed. Some of them I hadn't even worn (like this cute pair of pants I didn't realize were going to be oddly made when I purchased them and didn't try them on first...ugh) and others were used. That's apparently a kind of superstitious tradition that if you give something to someone else on your birthday it brings good luck. I'm all for it with or without the luck because it helps me clear out my closet.

Phone calls started coming in at 7:30 AM from hubby's family. I got a bunch of FaceBook comments from all my bestest friends and favorite bloggers. I don't think anyone forgot me today. I didn't get any calls from my family which was disappointing. My brother (in a drunken stupor from his bday which is right before mine) wished me happy birthday the night before. He thought it was my bday here lol. I'll count that. But he's the only call I got.

Then I went out for lunch and shopping. I picked up decorations and purchased a chocolate/strawberry cake. Then we came home and rested. It was really hot outside and I got kinda sick being out in the weather. I'm still not fully adapted to that and I do miss my colder climate. At least I have AC in my room and I can feel cold, no matter what it's like outside.

Hubby went out and got the food later in the day and we had our little party abt 7pm. The boy purchased 7 entrees for 8 people to eat (2 were kids lol). There was too much food. But it was so good and everyone was having fun. Everyone but the kids got all dressed up and we partied in my room. We had mostly traditional Indian food like veg crispy and butter chicken and of course butter naan. I was craving chicken fried rice so hubby picked that up for. We all had a lot of fun sitting in my AC room and avoiding the outside heat.

I got some really awesome gifts including gold earrings (I picked them out which tells me just how good of a gift they were lol). I got a full outfit including a new suit, matching bangles and a breath-taking gold jewelry set with blue and yellow stones and 2 new suits which Chachi made herself (she's quite good). Hubby got me a simple gold chain which will be great for everyday wear. I love the sets, but I don't get to wear them very often so this was a good gift. I got a gift basket with soda and candies and of course shagun too.

Another tradition was everyone feeding me a piece of cake. That's kinda unusual and different but fun. They also did this at my wedding. I was really surprised because every cake I've ever had here (maybe only 4-10 so it's limited) have been very dry with the icing way too sweet and were just not very good to me. This one was so moist and flavorful. The icing was still way too sweet but overall the cake was so good. It was strawberry and chocolate. Yummy!

I would have to say this was a good birthday. It's just also sad because I really miss some VIP's in my family and I couldn't be with them or hear from them today. I did tear up a few times over that. This is one of the hard parts of being in another country from your family.


  1. Hey girl!

    Happy Birthday (US time, if you will. ;)) I hope this year marks a fantastic turn of events into your life!

    The description here is the typical Indian birthday, alright! :D Haha! This was a fun read!

    {I need me some cake!}

  2. By all means...please come over and have some cake. Over half of it is left. Despite the fact hubby was certain everyone eats a big piece of cake on birthdays, hardly anyone ate any of it. I don't get it, it was the best cake I've ever had here lol. I think I will be eating cake for days now. OMG...I'm just not that into cake lol.

  3. Sounds like you had a great birthday! I'm jealous of the cake too! And yeah, I was a bit caught off guard with the cake feeding. Here I'm used to everyone getting a plate with their own piece!

  4. :) It's funny how we can't understand people ever!

  5. Yeah. And I forgot to post it but the next morning they swarmed the cake. Rohit got home wanting a piece and there was only a tiny bit left. He was upset lol.

  6. happy belated! just catching up with blogs today.

    i'm indian, and i hate the cake feeding! lol. drives me crazy. my family doesn't do it but hubby's family does. lol

    glad u had a good birthday over there! take care and keep us posted!

  7. Thanks Sandy! The cake feeding is a little weird. I figure I can sacrifice my feelings as long as the cake is good though lol. I was gonna eat it anyway. ;)