Friday, July 1, 2011

Eastern vs Western Consideration Revisited

I just love when life shows me unexpected things. Now, in every country in the world (I'm sure) men tend to steal covers. Women do it to. I don't know why but I suspect it has something to do with the warm comfy feelings associated with covers. I know I love my soft, snugly blanket - even in the heat of the Indian summer. Yes, I'm backwards sometimes lol. I don't care. It's just relaxing and comforting to ball up the covers under my chin and drift off to sleep. (And as a side note, here it helps protect me from the insane coldness coming from the AC because I sleep on the cold side of the bed and hubby thinks he's melting all night and keeps cranking it down lol. I don't understand how his side is hotter but it is, the AC points directly at the middle of the bed! It's so weird.)

Anyway, normally hubby and I sleep with separate covers because he steals them if we only have one. Sometimes he steals both when we're separate too and I wake up freezing. Then I get grumpy because I'm just nowhere near to being a morning person, especially when I'm cold lol. But last night was different. His mom took our covers to wash and we had to share one big cover. I was okay with that.

He went to bed long before me thanks to all this stomach trouble. When I did lay down I managed to get enough covers to keep me warm. However, I couldn't sleep after a while so I got back up and wasted time online. No one was was so boring lol. So I made up new things to keep me busy for an hour or so until I thought I could again try to get some sleep.

I went to get my covers and that turkey had rolled his legs up in every bit of it! Lol. Well, I know enough from living here with him if I want covers, I should just take them and I was cold so I did just that. I got a small corner lol. Knowing that wasn't enough I layed down, got my feet wrapped up in a tiny portion of what was between his feet and pulled. OMG, it was hilarious! He gave me this look like "wtf" and grumbled as if I had been inconsiderate for taking some of the covers lol.

It was priceless really! I know I should feel bad but I could only help think that somewhere inside of that Indian culture that was embedded in his head he does understand western consideration! Yes, what I did was very inconsiderate lol. I knew it before I did it but after sleeping several nights with no covers so I didn't have to be inconsiderate and all this sickness my patience has worn thin.

Now, he just rolled over and went back to sleep and I doubt he will even remember this when I bring it up when he gets home. But, I'm excited. I love seeing that little speck of understanding in that tiny 3 AM moment. It's like breathing new life into bad situation. I got all kinds of comments from my last blog about this and other corresponding bloggers who also have blogged on the same topic. I'm just loving this learning experience, especially when I get a demonstration.

I don't even mind being proved wrong. I know I'm not wrong completely lol. After all this is the same man who will pull a pillow out from under my head while 2 others are free because he wants my spot, never once asking me to move which would have been much more courteous. (Don't worry, he understands that now. ;)I just see this latest incident as a small glimmer of life as I once knew it. I like that. One tiny little thing goes a long way towards alleviating the homesickness.

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