Saturday, June 25, 2011

Western Countries Prefer Boys????

It's not too often I get pissed off enough about some political or controversial topic to blog about it. Frankly I don't care for news, yada yada yada. However, my log out screen from Yahoo today got my attention.

Those of you in East/West relationships already know how bad gender selection can be in some Asian countries. It more than ruffles my feathers to hear about this crap. Killing girl babies, marking them and leaving them at orphanages, sex selective abortions and more make me want to scrape my fingers on a chalkboard I get so crazy mad. Maybe it's because I'm a girl but either way this is totally effed up!

Now, Yahoo! is telling me that in America, as far back as 1941 there has been a preference for male children as well. WTH!!! America has not freaking excuse for that stupidity. I can somewhat, half-way, but not really understand when your government says you can only have one child that you would prefer one sex or the other. As retarded as it is, even when parents have multiple children a lot of individuals tend to gravitate to and get along better with one sex or the other (as it pertains to their children). For example, my step father only likes girls. He adopted one, now that they are foster parents they only take in troubled teenage girls. He's not a perve, he just has too much manhood to have a male child. They would kill each other. Girls he can bring home chocolate and whatever mishap is going on is easily solved and he can feel good about it. Boys...not so much. I get that. It doesn't excuse killing babies by any means though.

I can grasp the concept of girls costing a fortune when you're expected to rival Bollywood cinema with a wedding display 20 years after she's born. (Boys tend to go to college longer and leave the country for it though...don't they realize that could cost more than the wedding?) That still doesn't excuse killing babies.

But America? You're daughters run off to the courthouse or Vegas to get married half the time. The other half the wedding expenses are split between the couple and they pay their own way. Girls come home to see their families and never actually leave despite marriage. Men don't come back home and take care of their ailing or aging parents. Men don't take over the family business very often. SO WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE? You don't have one!

I honestly would have thought the women's liberation movement would have done more for ppl's minds than it has. It changed so freaking much for the better but still we have to put up with this archaic stupidity? So all these retards that only one male children, I'm just going to assume are the porn addicts who like to look but want to make sure their addiction doesn't get passed down to a girl who decides to take on that line of work. (Yes, I know that's a stretch but it makes me feel better to think of this crap this way.) I know for a fact these same ppl that prefer boys are A.)already women or B.)want to be with a woman. (Gay male couples excluded because I'm letting them off the hook. Them I understand because can you imagine 2 gay men attempting to explain a woman's cycle? I think not!) So where is the rationale that boys are best?

What is wrong with this world we live in? It just rips my heart out to see that most of the world still acts like girls are such a huge problem and unwanted. You want us to take our clothes off for your pleasure, you want us to cook and clean and do your laundry. Heaven forbid we sit on your laps as little girls and bring a smile to your face or look up to you like you're the most awesome man in the world. That just isn't acceptable. Maybe it's because men couldn't handle raising a daughter because they know she'll grow up to marry someone just like her daddy. Guess they know how messed up they are if that's the case.

*Ya'll just don't know how many times I had to edit this blog to keep it family friendly...ugh. I'm just going to quit now because I know I have nothing good left to say.

The Yahoo! article.

Now to counteract all this bad karma I would like to give a shout out to Korea. Thank You Korea for attempting to balance this stupid madness by preferring baby girls. Finally, a country who doesn't think men are superior all the time.

Go Korea!


  1. Very disturbing. I had heard in the past--just a radio piece, I think--that in countries where people expressed a preference, only the US and South Korea expressed a preference for females (South Korean rationale is that women are more likely to care for their families in old age--total opposite of the Indian/Chinese rationale, which is kind of fascinating). But this new info puts the US in ugly club that prefers boys. Not cool.

    Just wondering, do you happen to know if these attitudes shift according the economy, or they not connected? I'd be interested to hear theories...

  2. UGH that just gets to me!!! It's like us as world are cheaping life it's so worng on how many levels it's not up to us weather we get girl or boy we should take what GOD/Nature gives up and be happy with that. I'm all for having both sexs meaning boy and girl when I have child. You are right though some people get along better if mom preferrf son or dad preffers daughters not meaning in bad way but I get what you are say. Here in the states it's so sad that we are doing what everyone else is doing grrr I need to talk down!! the whole world needs to stop gender selection and take what is given to you.

  3. I think the the women rights activists have done a really good job in fighting for women rights. Women have gone a long way to proving their worth. I'm happy about that.

    If we locate the origin of men weighing more in the society than women, we can track back to the Bible history. Even then, nations were named only after the father and not the mother. However, even then, in the Bible times, women had already proven their worth, and they've earned a good space in the Bible for a mention of their stories.

    I'm really not into killing girls and aborting them. So savaged.

    offbeat marriage

  4. 4B, no idea about the shifting. The article did say that in the US this has been the norm since 1941 which means the current economic downfall did not cause these results. That gives the US even less reasons to act this way. I'm still shaking my head. I just don't understand it.

    Nickelo, amen to that! They need to stop hating. All those rotten men that want only boys know for a fact they wouldn't get that boy if it wasn't for a woman. Freaking hypocrites!

    Glee, yes women's rights have done so much for us. I really felt there that being a woman was not a downfall in any way other than the monthly one. Thank God that in the Bible days baby girls weren't randomly killed just because they were girls. Then ppl knew better. I just don't understand how it's now become acceptable to just kill babies in so many ways. I will never get that. This just kills me.