Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trying to Eat

I am up...therefore I blog. It's currently 1 AM here in rainy Amritsar. I've been up the last three or four nights until about 3 AM with digestive issues. I'm not sure if my body's clock is reset itself back the US time or what but it's getting old quick.

I'm not sure if hubby read my blog the other day but I did talk to him once he got home from work about the eating. He had his mom go out grocery shopping, he took me out and now he has his dad on daily trips to the bakery as well. However, I think he's going a little overboard.

Last night he had his mom fry some sliced potatoes and onions with just salt. Not bad, I like kid food but when I rolled them up in roti's the oil dripped out. Ugh. He made me eat anyway and my stomach was tore up so bad afterwards. This morning I couldn't get out of bed to eat. I was awake half the time, and having weird dreams the other half. Thank goodness I had some fresh water to keep me company.

About lunch time I made myself a tomato sandwich which was simple but tasty. As soon as I ate it his mom tried to get me to eat again. I was sick though and there was no way I was putting anything else in my mouth. I wound up skipping work today and laying in bed watching tv for almost 3 hours after that sandwich. Then I tasted this chocolate cake we picked up at the bakery. It was dry and not that good. That's okay though because it too made my stomach hurt so bad and I only ate a 2x2x2 inch square.

For dinner, hubby went down and cooked me an oil free meal. I was so excited because just yesterday he asked me what kinds of food could even be cooked without oil lol. I told him how I used the non-stick pans and kept the oil out for health and he must have listened. I couldn't eat much of the dinner but I did manage to almost finish what he had made me.

I swear you would have thought I was pregnant though. My stomach swelled up so tight it was painful to sit up or lay on either side. I could feel the pressure and gut wrenching pains as if I was going to be ripped apart. They extended all the way up into my rib cage. Then he made me eat a mango. OMG. The pain was unbearable. So I took some meds including a pain killer and I tried to sleep. It's not working. My stomach still hurts and it's been about 6 hours since I finished eating.

I'm unclear on whether or not I should be avoiding roti's. One doctor has told me they were okay and another doctor and several friends and well wishers have told me they are not okay. I don't know. I hadn't eaten roti's in over a month because the doctor said so. It didn't really help. Any thoughts on whether or not they are okay for tummy troubles or if not - why are they not okay? I would like to clear that up. I mean, all they really are is flour and water so how could they be bad?

I don't think roti's are to blame for tonight or last nights tummy trouble. I'm sure some of it has to do with the re-acclimation to eating and the fact that I've had tummy troubles almost the entire 6 months. That's what caused me to stop eating anyway. Even when hubby is forcing me to eat I'm still getting grossed out by the food for no reason (it doesn't even matter what it is anymore). I don't even want the ice cream.

I know this is going to be a process, I just wish that the stupid tummy troubles that were here before the eating problem would go the heck away. They are giving me so much grief. I just want to move on with my life here already. I just don't want to be bothered with this anymore. I read other blogs that talk about how it took them 6 months to get over these kinds of issues and I'm just praying that when I hit that mark in a couple weeks I will see some improvement.


  1. Rice might be easier to digest as compared to rotis. The idli idea someone gave you yesterday is very good, too.

  2. OMG, that sounds just dreadful. I would be so miserable. I really hope you get better soon. In regards to rotis, wheat flour has gluten in it, which some people's bodies (western bodies, that is. Indians don't seem to have the same issue) are intolerant to... it makes it much harder to digest and causes stomach problems such as bloating etc. Of course, I doubt that's the cause of your problems, but I just wanted to explain about wheat flour.

  3. How can someone find fault in a chocolate cake? Maybe its all in your head(psychological). You need a scene change.

  4. Broadway, I pray it's all in my head lol. I don't know if I can go a lifetime without chocolate cake...I mean seriously? Now you know how I realized this was getting out of hand. It didn't matter what I tried to eat, I just couldn't.

    Thanks BlogWriter. I'm definitely trying those suggestions. I've been dying for some simple, plain food since all this started but I'm starting to think it doesn't exist in India lol. So many spices on everything. I love them, but they aren't working out for me right now.

    kismet - thanks for clearing that up. I didn't get it. So I will definitely be avoiding those, just because I don't need any extra irritation or the chance of extra irritation.

  5. Is MIL feeding you Puris (fried in oil and ballooned up) or roti's with ghee?

    Perhaps you could ask for Sukhee (without ghee) roti or phulka.

    Plain rotis without ghee should be just fine. Smear a very, very tiny bit of jam on a hot roti and it is nutritious meal.

    Is it possible that you are gluten allergic? Is possible that you have IBS triggered by the much higher fiber content in normal home cooked Indian food.

    Are you lactose intolerant or specifically buffalo milk intolerant? Most milk consumed in India is Buffallo milk which is very rich and high fat. It takes a while to adapt to the particular protein the Buffallo milk. Cow's milk is available but you have to look for it.

    Have you called the fortis doctors about the medications you are taking and about possible side effects? Have you had your liver function checked especially the possibility of hepatitis? Have you been screened for Amoebic dysentery? And parasite worms? Worms can cause some of the symptoms you describe.

    I would also check if you are allergic to the oil that MIL cooks with. Mustard, peanut are sometimes more difficult to breakdown than sunflower or canola. Buy a small bottle of a different oil and see if that is a trigger.

    BRAT... bread/rice/apples/tea work wonders. Plain rice with a tiny bit of salt, a squeeze of lemon and some butter. Idlis are wonderful to settle a stomach. Eat some homemade yoghurt at every meal if you can stand it. Consider sugar taboo, which means no cookies/cake etc. Sugar truly is the work of the devil for stomach ailments.

    Plain Boiled/steamed vegetables in India taste much better than those in the US so indulge if you can.

    I would avoid shopping at any international food stores because the stock is almost always very old. When in India I go completely vegetarian, as it seems the safest way to eat.

    Most importantly it is just fine to eat very little for days and weeks, as long as you take a multivitamin and stay very hydrated. Sometimes the digestive system just needs some rest. So don't force yourself to eat. When you get hungry enough, your body will lead you to the nourishment it needs as long as you are not severely ill and need specific medication.

    I think more than anything you are just up to there with India for a bit. It is hard to insert yourself in another culture and not be stressed out. Maybe a hug from loved ones and phone calls to familiar friends and family back in the US will help you gather the strength to allow your body to heal.

    Feel better!

  6. Thanks Kiran! To answer some of your questions:
    Yes MIL has tried, but I don't eat them. I did once or twice and learned my lesson quick. All that grease had me feeling bad.

    I was never lactose intolerant before but I had no idea about the buffalo milk. I rarely use milk but I know it's in the curd and other things that I may have eaten without knowing. I will definitely look into this possibility.

    I didn't call Fortis about the medicines. I was bad and just quit taking them. Yes, my liver function is abnormally high and has been for months but was getting better even before Fortis. I was tested for all 3 forms of hepatitis, parasites, worms and 2 pages full of other diseases and I had ultrasounds done. Thank God they all come out clean other than the liver function. I have jaundice and that's it.

    We did change oil to vegetable (what I always used in the US). That helped keep my throat, face and tummy from burning so I do suspect some issues with the oil. I'm still not eating it unless I have to lol, veggie or not.

    I love the veggies. It's about all I eat. MIL doesn't know how to use the steamer basket though I tried to teach her though. She does have some of her own methods and that works for me. Plain seasonings. I also love fresh salad. That is my favorite part of India...the veggies. Where I'm from you just can't get veggies this fresh or this easily. It's like heaven here in that aspect.

    I watch very closely when shopping. It was even on the news yesterday that the store I shop at was busted with old goods. Ewwww. But I learned that lesson in the US, it happens there a lot more than ppl know as well.

    Maybe you're right about the rest. It just scared the crap out of me. I've never been through anything like this before. I'm going to look into the IBS you mentioned. It's quite possible that is what this is with all the infections I got early on and the differences in the food you have now enlightened me about.

    I did have my moments with India a few weeks ago lol. So much hate and discontent and so homesick. I even considered having my mom mail me chips. It would have cost her $50 for one bag lmao. I was getting desperate. Now I'm getting over that thankfully but there may be some left. I know I'm sure tired of this digestive trouble. That's enough to wear down anyone's nerves.

    I greatly appreciate your comment. You've provided some very good information. I can't wait to put it to use!

  7. I did not read comments so might be writing whats already mentioned....some people are allergic to wheat hence rotis can be troublesome. Did you try +isabgol+ or +psyllium husk+ ? That has helped me. Take a small spoon with orange juice first thing in morning folliwed by water....water shudnt be chilled... :-)

  8. I haven't tried either one of those. I will look into it and see if they can help. TY.

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