Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Month 5 Update

So now I've been here just over 5 months. I'm settling okay I guess. I've gotten almost completely over my angry phase. I still get angry easily and things build up and explode from time to time like a ticking time bomb. However, it's not nearly as often or over things so trivial as before. I'm back to eating Indian food now and it no longer disgusts me to think about it.

I still don't eat my MIL's food though because she cooks everything with so much oil and ghee. I can't deal with it. That's not a culture shock thing, that's a health nut thing. I used less than a small bottle of oil a year in the US and here she uses a ladle to dip out a big scoop every time she cooks. She puts ghee all over both sides of the toast. I don't think ghee has much flavor, just greasy. And my hands get so slick that I have to wipe them on a towel after each bite. But enough, I'm grossing myself out just writing about it and I haven't even eaten that stuff in a while. I'm sure ya'll didn't come here to be grossed out either.

I've been a little depressed lately but I really think that has more to do with being overwhelmed by all that is going on. Hubby took me to Fortis Escorts which I wrote about. I wasn't really that sick anymore and had learned to manage all my symptoms but they found my liver was enlarged and I was producing too much bile. Nothing life threatening, they said it was just an infection and they ran enough tests to be sure lol.

Well, the meds they gave me have been kicking my butt so freaking bad for almost 2 weeks now. I'm sleeping twice as much. When I am awake I'm tired and weak feeling and I don't want to get out of bed or do anything. I rarely leave the room until hubby gets home and drags me out so I don't go crazy. I even turned down shopping and dinner twice this week because I was just too worn out and I haven't done anything! I don't know what's worse, being sick or taking the meds. Of course, those aren't all the symptoms. I've woke up with a headache and a fever of 99 every day. Nothing serious again, but annoying to say the least. My body aches and I'm now taking pain killers every day just to get through my day. I only have a few more days and then they will run more tests and I'm going to make the doctor take me off of this mess.

I was going walking in the evenings with my MIL and FIL and was rather enjoying that before all the meds. Life was pretty good I would have to say. I was finally laughing more and back to my usual, playful self. Even with the meds making me tired I would have to say that month 5 has been a good month. I'm glad to finally be on a positive upswing and on my way out of the culture shock. My best recommendation for anyone coming to India is to read up on culture shock and plan ahead. You can make your transition go so much smoother. Here's a little mini list of what I wish I had thought of before coming here.

1. Pack less clothes and bring more of my comfort things. There are clothes here and what girl doesn't want to shop? (Yeah, I know there are girls who don't like shopping...I don't understand them, but whatever.) I would have been better off bringing my favorite chips and candies, etc. I did bring a 6 month supply of my favorite chewing gum and I brought my favorite chocolate covered popcorn. I just wish I had put more thought into these things and packed more stuff like that. I also wish I had brought my favorite blanket and not the Apple Bottom jeans.

2. Hobbies. I didn't bring any of my hobby stuff. I somehow thought I would be too busy enjoying India to need them and thought I could just buy new stuff here. Well, that new stuff isn't as easy to find and while I was grumpy and anti-India it would have been nice to have something to do that would make me look busy so the in-laws wouldn't talk to me lol. Yes, I had those moments where I just didn't want to be bothered.

3. Reminders. I should have brought reminders of home. In my case, things were really messed up back in the states so I didn't want to bring any of it but I wish I had. Maybe just a little US flag or something to put on the wall that came from home. I wish I had thought to bring something like that.

4. Shoes. Yes, they sell shoes in India. However, I'm really picky about my shoes and I won't wear anything that is not good for my feat. I like Clarks and stuff like that. I did bring my Clarks flip flops and sandals because I love them. What I didn't do was pack enough shoes to make it through. I've had to buy cheap Indian shoes and they are not good for your feet or legs. In Delhi I did find Sketchers but the prices were so freaking high. So, if you are like me, then pack more shoes than clothes. It will be worth it.

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