Monday, June 6, 2011

FRRO Round 5

Well, now that we're back from the MHA it was time for the FRRO again. We delivered the sealed envelope to him. He told us go to the court and get some paperwork done. (An affidavit saying hubby is responsible for me, and the papers registering me and my residence permit.) We also had to go to the bank and make a draft for 5580 INR which covers the cost of the extension and conversion to the X visa.

We got all that done and I snuck back into the FRRO building right after they closed for lunch. The guard didn't see me sign in and run for the door so I made it in lol. Hubby wasn't so lucky and got stuck outside while I fended for myself hahaha. It's all good though because I dropped off the papers and my passport, the FRRO man is very nice, and he said come back in 2 days and pick it up. That was sweet of him since he had just sat down to lunch when I snuck in the office lol. I'm slowly learning the Indian way. ;)

I'm pretty sure this is the last step. I got approved by the MHA for residency for 1 year which is the standard. As a disclaimer the FRRO officer reminded me that it does not grant me the right to work or buy property. Not a problem lol, I'm lazy and not that rich. Besides I already have a job in America that thankfully came with me and can be done from home.

Overall I would have to say this process was fairly easy, though it took forever. Nothing was difficult (other than getting train tickets lol) and the work was done in a very professional manner (Indian style of course). I'm pleased with the process, I just wish it could have all been done here instead of running around Delhi twice. Of course, then I wouldn't have gotten to see how the other half lives so to speak because Delhi is completely different than Amritsar.


  1. You should visit Hyderabad and Mumbai! Both lovely places. Delhi's beginning to get on my nerves a little, but there's enough to do to occupy one's mind. Also, the roads aren't too bad.
    Congratulations for getting your residency approved! I'm on an employment visa at the moment but will be applying for res after signing the papers.

  2. Thanks Kay! Applying for the residency isn't so bad thankfully. I met another woman there who was here on an employment visa as well and her process seemed to be going just as smoothly. Just a tip, fill out the papers twice ahead of time. They only give you one lol and then they want you to turn in 2. So when the FRRO gives you the paper, go ahead and make a copy.