Friday, June 10, 2011

Fortis Escorts Hospital Amritsar

It's no secret, I don't like being sick and I've grown weary of the little things that keep plaguing my health. So in my recent follow up testing when my semi-okay dr told me to get an ultrasound and then went a little overboard on the aunty theatrics then hubby and I decided it was time to go to a better medical system. Of course, I've been fussing for a while that I'm done with this crappy care and the dr's miracle packs. (He gives the exact same pills to every person who comes in and I've seen it over and over so that's what I call them lol.)

Today we went to Fortis Escorts Hospital in Amritsar. It was by far the cleanest medical establishment I've been into so far and is a lot more organized than anything else in Amritsar. Here's how it goes.

You go in and head straight to billing. Tell them what you are there for and pay for it. GET A RECEIPT. Otherwise you won't be seen lol. It cost 300 INR after taxes to be seen by a gastroenterologist. We were then directed to his room number. Each doctor has a room number for their office. There was an examination bed in his office. We sat and waited and it didn't take long before we were seen but then, we were second in line.

The doctor made his assessment, ordered enough tests to make even the worst hypochondriac happy and then told us when he leaves for lunch. So off we were to have my lab work and ultrasound. The ultrasound staff was professional and the tech was very friendly. We talked a lot. She even told me as she went along what she saw and whether or not I had anything to worry about. She spoke exceptionally well in English and didn't seem to have any trouble understanding my thick southern accent.

The lab guy was not so good. He knew his job but opted to stick the needle in my arm instead of the throbbing, over-sized vein I have in the bend of my arm. And it hurt when he did it. (I've had extensive blood work done in my life and it was never painful.) He took 5 vials of blood and then removed the needle. After he was done he started to reuse the vial cover (not the needle...sorry don't know the technical name) then saw me give him a dirty look and he threw it away. Whether or not it remained there in the trash, I don't know.

Picked up my tests results and went back to the doctor and got a mostly clean bill of health. Apparently too many infections has caused IBS and my liver is enlarged. Other than that I have nothing serious. I'm glad the mystery is solved.

Now for the rant. OMFG. The bathrooms...or at least the ppl who used them are nasty. One I went in the attendant was squeegeeing urine out of the stall that another woman had just walked out of as if she didn't care the room was full of women who would see her. Only one stall of 3 was working and so I left to look for another bathroom. I found one not too far away and in the first stall there was blood all over the stall. Second stall was tolerable so I went coz by this point and all that ultrasound water it was critical I go lol. I went back to the same bathroom later (I drank A LOT of water) and the blood was still on the toilet in the first stall. The restroom didn't even have proper soap. There was a bottle of extremely watery liquid that I think was supposed to be soap but it wasn't useful. Not that I saw any of the ladies washing their hands.

As with everything else in India, this place was crowded. There are red lights above the doors for the procedure rooms and if they are on that means someone is getting a procedure. Well, apparently this one Sikh guy couldn't get that through his head. He wanted to see the doctor so he bypassed the receptionists twice and walked straight in on someone else's endoscopy. The first time they kicked him out, the second they were already guarding the door and didn't let him make it in. The rest of the crowd was just busy staring at everyone around them.

I did have two aunties who didn't get the point of not staring. I only started staring back when it got excessive I swear. It didn't deter them much lol. I was leaning forward a little when I got tired of them and stared back. They quit for less than a second! Then I sat up with hubby blocking me and they leaned forward. So I kept staring, which prompted them to lean back behind hubby as if I wouldn't notice. Alas, they didn't stop until I got up and left.

I suppose I have no real complaints about the hospital itself. The care was good other than the lab guy, the staff was good too. The food in the little cafe wasn't even that bad just don't drink the coffee/chai..whatever it was because that was bitter and nasty. Things moved relatively fast there as well which makes me even happier. Now I'm going to go start my month long medications....ugh stupid Indian bacteria and my lack of tolerance for it!

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  1. The same happened to me when we arrived...remember our body lack from the necessary antibodies ...but once you get well wont happen so often in future...take care my friend!