Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shopping Bas Nahi!

(The title means - Never stop shopping!)
Today I went on my first venture out with the ladies of the house. Usually I'm the one left at home because I have no translator and I have no idea what they are saying when they ask me if I want to go lol. It's my blanket response to say no if I don't understand, which does not always work in my favor but that's ok.

So we went out and bought school shoes for my niece. Walking there was interesting. Everyone was staring and looking at me lol. I just kept talking to the family and acting like I didn't notice. It took all of 2 minutes to find shoes that fit her and then we were off to Jagdeep's shop (yep, the same Jagdeep I mentioned who knows how to do everything - our go to guy lol).

Jagdeep and his brother tried to sell me a new suit but Mummy ji was only looking for a salwar to go with a suit the seamstress messed up. We all had a good conversation though while I was there and it was fun. Though I must say there were some unpleasant smells along the walk and it's too freaking hot here already lol.

Next stop, Sunil's Dukaan. Now that's the place to go. He has some of the prettiest bangles in the most unique styles. I never see those at my usual bangle store. He has so much stuff piled in that one tiny store too. The shop workers and the patrons always stare at me and the kids usually try to stand next to me. I don't think they realize I know some Punjabi because I always hear them 'angrezi' this and 'angrezi' that. Today I got followed around the tiny store by two young girls who seemed to be amazed that I was conversing with the niece so much lol.

In the end, I got two really pretty bangles. They have flowers and stones. One for me and one for my brother's little girl who I had yet to find anything for. I think she will actually like this least she better lol. She's hard to shop for.

Being out in the sun for an hour took a lot of moisture out of my body and I felt like I hadn't drank water in days when I got home. Good thing I had stuck a bottle in the freezer before I left. I just love my ice water - even if hubby says it's not good for me to drink it too cold. The colder the better...I just can't help it!

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