Monday, May 23, 2011

Punjabi Lessons - Day 1

Poonam came today to get an idea of what I need to learn and what I already know. She went through my dictionaries and books with me and we spoke a few words to each other. Of course, MIL, chachi and the niece all made themselves comfortable and got into conversations with her for the majority of the time she was here. I'm hoping that's not what it's going to look like every time because I will sure have to kick some ppl out of the room. I don't want everyone in here, they are part of the reason I asked for a tutor.

They try to help me but it only winds up confusing me and such. And I've already mentioned that niece always declares I'm wrong when she doesn't understand my writing or my accent and I really think that will hinder my progress. I've got to build my confidence otherwise we are wasting the $$ we are paying for this tutor lol.

Anyway, not much was done today. It makes me a little apprehensive as to how the next lessons will go because everyone came in here. I know they are excited too but I don't want them to be involved. I need peace and a quiet so I can stay focused too. So here's hoping things go better in a few days when she comes back.

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