Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Thing Always Leads to Another

My hubby, the greatest man in my life, did something that completely changed my mood last night. I love him dearly, I swear I do, though sometimes I don't act like it. I'm not proud of the monster I seem to turn into sometimes at all. In fact it bothers me so bad. Yesterday though I mentioned deleting my angry post and placing something more intelligent here and I'm not sure if he read it or his intuition kicked in but somehow yesterday he had an epiphany.

I did tell him I was having a bad day and needed to get out of the house. He knows I've been really uncomfortable lately and that I was starting to get sick again. He had picked up some Liv52 and Vitamin C. Well, knowing I needed him he left work early yesterday and on his way called someone to come and move the AC! I was a little confused at first thinking about how many times we had both rationally discussed where the AC should be and such but I kept quiet and let him do his thing.

It took all evening long but the installers moved the AC up to our room. It didn't get done till about 10 PM and then we had to move our mattresses and stuff back in. Once the sheets were on the bed I felt this huge difference in my stress level. I swear it's like I was a whole new person and I felt so free and happy. I was instantly laughing and carrying on with him which hadn't really happened in weeks.

We switched on our little crappy, old tv (his parents room had a big lcd with more channels) and we curled up in bed together. Something I had definitely been missing was the cuddling. You just can't do that with so many ppl running in and out of the room all day and night. Even if Indian culture didn't allow for it, I would not be comfortable being too intimate in front of others, especially not the kids. Now I don't have to worry about that.

As another benefit, the AC now blows directly on our bed. I can't say I slept perfect last night but I slept so much better than I have for the last month. For the first time in weeks we both woke up at 7:30 AM. It's been a major feet to drag ourselves out of bed by 8:30 for hubby and 11 for me. He made it to work on time this morning for the first time in way too long as well. My body doesn't ache and I didn't wake up sick today either. I'm also not finding any new bruises. His parents bed was smaller than ours and so I (being only 5'2") was too tall for it so I was always banging up my legs on the edges of the bed. Now I'm on a countdown until the 6 bruises on my legs heal and then I won't have any more. Yay me!

Today I've sit in my room with the door locked, the lights off and a mess piled beside me that needs to be put away lol. I'm not rolling around in my own sweat like I had been in his parents room either. It's odd because this room is usually hotter than the other rooms but somehow I can manage to keep it cool most of the day. I don't run the AC in the day unless I absolutely can't stand it anyway and I may not need it in here for quite a while.

I've gotten my work done, played on FaceBook and now I'm here perusing the blogs. I would have to say it's been a good day and it's just barely past lunch time. I feel like I'm back to my old self. Cheerful, motivated and ready to face India head on. Thank God and Thank my hunny bunny!

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