Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Make Money Online

I ran across some things today that got me thinking about how relevant working online can be to expats. It's also relevant to those who take time off to travel the world, go on extended vacations, etc. Making money, unfortunately, is a necessity in most individuals lives. There are a multitude of websites out there that will pay you to do various things and sorting out the crazies from the real sites can be confusing. I've been working through online companies since 2002 or maybe before. I can't keep up because it wasn't that serious to me in the beginning and was just a means of finding something I could feel accomplished about. In the interest of helping out my fellow expats and those who just need a heads up here the best places I've found, most of which I have received a paycheck from at some point in time so I know they are trustworthy.

Keep in mind I lived in America. Some of these companies are international, some require citizenship in the US, UK, Canada, etc. Check them out, see which ones will work for you and start making money to add to your savings account!

Finding Jobs
50 Companies that Hire Freelance Writers - now some of these links have expired or no longer work but I use several of the sites on that list and have had no complaints. My advice, don't just sign up for one. The worst thing that can happen is you get too many offers and have to weed out the ones that aren't as good for you. I have 8 different companies I work for to write and when one doesn't have anything I want to write about, I move on to the next. It keeps my income more steady and gives me much more variety.

Money Making Mommy - None of the jobs listed cost one single penny to get started in. She reviews these and I've seen several reputable companies that I have worked for on her list. There's a little something for everyone and if you don't find it for free, check out her other links for more decent at home and online jobs.

Secret Shopping
About Face - This is not my favorite company but they do offer some good jobs. Maybe it would be better had I lived in a bigger city while I worked for them. Sometimes the pay comes in a little slow but they always pay. When it is coming slow they always alert you. I only had this happen once and it was due to some major revamping of the company and one poor girl being left in charge of way more assignments than she could handle (at the holiday's no less!)

Experience Exchange - This was my all time favorite secret shopping company. They pay WELL for their jobs and the training offered is very simple and easy to understand. You must complete training for each company you intend to contract with because each one has different guidelines. It's worth example, I used to make $30+ for each trip I took to a local fast food restaurant (can't say which one coz it violates my contract).

These sites are just ok...I didn't find much I could do with them living in the middle of nowhere.
Bare International
Second to None

Now, I've already given you 50 but I don't think these are on the list and they are worth mentioning for sure.

Text Broker - pay is not high but the articles are really easy and there are always tons of them available. It's a great place to start if you're not sure you can write online. They rate you and tell you how you're doing so you can get an idea of how good you are.

Constant Content - has some strict guidelines but articles sell high. They take a commission of 30% which I've heard is high but I haven't found anything similar that charges less and offers the opportunity for articles to be sold at these high prices. Articles typically go here for starting at 6 cents a word for newbies and they go up based on clout and personal expertise. So if you follow their guidelines and sell some articles you can make a nice chunk of change.

Yahoo! Contributor Network (formerly Associated Content) - offers Revenue Share and up front payments for all types of content. Fairly good for those with limited knowledge of revenue share or who mostly enjoy writing about whatever they want with no strict guidelines.

Examiner - Review and write, based on revenue share only. Not my favorite, but it does work if you know how to play the revenue share game well which can be a tad time consuming.

Least Faves
I'm not crazy about either of these sites but maybe that's because I'm used to inflated rates or something. I have heard rave reviews about both from plenty of ppl including family members. I signed up for both, however, I have yet to do any work for either because they don't meet my payscale. I would consider these both another starting point for those of you who are new to online jobs or are more diversified than just writing like I do. There are many more fields available and they test you to determine what you are really good at. It takes time to get started and build up your profile but, as I've heard, it's worth it. And of course, it is possible I was looking in all the wrong places and the jobs you seek out will be more along the lines of normal-decent pay.

On the plus side, they both guarantee payment. So you know you're not going to get shafted for sure. If you sign up for both, you will see they are remarkably similar and the tests you will take are pretty much the same on both sites. I think ODesk just has more tests available.


Points for reading emails - I generally make about $150 a year on this and spend maybe 30 minutes a month on the clicking. Only downer is that for this site, you must have an address in the US and occasionally some links will detect you're not in the US and give you a message saying they are not available to you. I've been doing this for over 10 years.
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  1. This is a great list! Thanks! I have often wondered about the legitimacy of some of these sites. Being a stay at home wife has it's downfalls…and I get super bored at times! I haven't done much research of my own and this is a great starting point. I do know though, that a friend tried something like this and had to pay to join a site. How many of these sites have a joining fee?

  2. None of the ones I listed make you pay. Elance asks you to pay but I took the free membership as a skeptic. I refuse to pay for work lol. It's just my policy. That being said you may find a few on the 50 freelance list that ask you to pay and some on the other pages on moneymakingmommy require you to pay. That's why I listed the free sites lol. This economy is too bad to spend money on something you don't know is worth it. I worked for all of the companies listed and, unless mentioned, have been paid by them with no out of pocket expenses except secret shopping. I had to buy my own lunch and they paid me back. I would have bought that lunch anyway so I could justify that.

  3. Thanks for the quick response…this is something I will be looking into!

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  7. Awesome reviews! :-) I am a freelance translator myself and I enjoy working online a lot.