Thursday, May 19, 2011

Indian Standard Timing and Other Things That Bug Me

The main culprit - Indian Standard Timing (IST). Most would look at that title and think it's just another term like Eastern Standard Time or Pacific Standard Time but it is NOT! Not by far. It's supposed to be, but in reality IST means nothing gets done in any sort of organized, timely or relevant fashion. Which brings me to my second example. Let me start with the story first.

About two months ago I decided I was a little bored and I should start planning early for upcoming holidays. I know how IST works and getting anything done can take lifetimes it seems. So I started asking hubby about embroidery thread. I know how much this country prides itself on embroidered items so I knew it had to be here. I gave him pictures to show his mom so she could tell us where to find it. He asked, no one seemed to know. So we kept asking around. Still nothing.

Finally I got tired of fooling with it and not seeing any shops of my own (except one we still have yet to stop at on the way home - we pass it several times a week), I went and ordered some on Well, not some, over 200 skeins. I have big plans that likely won't go anywhere but why bother shipping just a skein or two lol. I finally got my package full of stuff today and the first thing out of my MIL's and Chachi's mouth was how I could get that at any store here. GRRRRRRR!

That really bugs me. But I'm not even sure how true what they are saying is. She told me we could get it at Sunils' shop but I was just there a few days ago and he didn't have it. I know because I searched the entire sewing section. He has a lot of stuff, but no embroidery thread. So who knows where the great mysterious Indian embroidery thread is hiding in this country. I'm just a bit irritated that it took two months and then me finally having to order it, ship it to my dad and him ship it to me to get what I was looking for.

That is how things go here though. Tell a local shop owner you need something and maybe he'll get it and maybe he won't. I've only had one follow through on his promise to order something. Now, I was told and have lived by this since I got here, if you don't walk out of the store with it then you're not going to get it. That couldn't be more true than in India. Don't count on someone ordering something for you and don't be foolish enough to make an up front payment. As I mentioned, only once has anyone followed through on anything we asked them to order and that was this sweet looking old Sikh guy at the computer store who was nice enough to get me a new laptop battery. I never expected him to call saying he had it and I had almost ordered another one on eBay. He was fast though so I got lucky not to have to buy 2.

Dual restaurants are a new thing I'm trying to understand. One in particular that I love here has 3 floors total. It's really odd because you have 2 different doors to go through to get to either section. I like the upstairs, 2nd floor part of this restaurant. It has stairs connecting the kitchen to the lower floor and I've seen them bring the food from downstairs several times. What now strikes me as odd is that the upstairs and downstairs have 2 different menus. So recently when we sat downstairs I really wanted my favorite food from upstairs and when I asked for it they told me I couldn't get it because that was a different restaurant. The last trip I took they were adamant I push the "1" in the elevator and not go to the 3rd floor. So now I'm starting to think it's 3 different restaurants there lol.

This not the only restaurant like that. Recently, Brother's Dhaba split and now their previously single restaurant is 2 separate restaurants. We don't go there anymore because even though the food is good, there are gangster type ppl standing out front trying to sway you as to which side you should go into and the dirty looks you get when you choose the other side are just not that comforting. I'm not into that kind of drama and the food is just not THAT good that I would deal with that when I don't have to. What craziness.

Chaos. Everything here seems to be sheer chaos. From trying to keep up with what times the water and power are both on so you can fight for your turn in the shower before one or the other is gone to keeping your arms and legs intact in traffic, it is all chaos. Can't a farm raised white girl from the country (imagine thick southern accent there) get a break and just relax once in a would seem not lol. On that note, I think I'm going to go shower before someone decides to do laundry in there!

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