Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Give Up!

I purchased the book and Audio CD set "Teach Yourself Punjabi" well over a year ago - probably 2 years lol. I also downloaded a university course with audio and book, and two other courses with just the book. I purchased a kids workbook of popular words and such. I've even been recently subscribed the local newspaper in Punjabi. But it's just not working!

My baby tries to sit with me and help me read the paper but he winds up reading it aloud before me and getting way ahead of me and some things he can't explain so well lol. It's that lost in translation thing again. His niece checks all my work and promptly tells me how wrong I am when she can't read my writing then tells me the word should be ___ which happens to be what I wrote. She also doesn't understand English spelling rules and if I spell something different than she thinks it should sound she says that's wrong too. Like 'de' she insists is 'da' and such. She's a kid lol, it doesn't upset me but it doesn't build my confidence either.

I asked hubby last week to sign me up for a Punjabi class at a local college or something but that's a no go. The thought of me hailing a rickshaw (in which I would have to walk a ways to even find one through this nasty road where 'bad' ppl hang out) and taking it across town to the womens' college horrified him. Then his parents didn't really agree either because the womens' college itself is known to be a thug type hangout and since I've seen the evidence, I can't argue with him too much on this one. There is always a bunch of young guys hanging outside the gate waiting for the girls to come out and I've seen them being harassed. I'm not trying to get arrested for beating the crap out of some retard who thinks he can put his hands on me lol so I'm going to drop this thought.

It doesn't mean I've given up though. I'm finding it really frustrating that I'm not learning enough of the language to get by or carry on conversations. The books I have are all really good but I seem to lack the drive, discipline and motivation to work on them enough. I can read and write Gurmukhi completely. I can understand a lot of words but I can't speak the language very well and some of what I do speak is so masked by my thick southern accent that no one understands me. Funny though, when they tell me what the word should sound like I swear it's exactly what I said. So either I'm tone deaf of this southern accent thing is really messing me up.

So yesterday I brought the topic up again to hubby. He got frustrated and told me again how and why I can't hail a rickshaw and go to that college. It wound up a messy discussion and I just told him ask his parents and see what they say. He didn't want to but he did lol and he told them my concerns. His dad knows someone (I've met her before and she's nice) who teaches and he's going to ask her today if she can come and help me. If she can't they know someone else that lives behind us but they are not sure her family will let her come do private lessons in someone's home.

I'm really hoping something works out because otherwise I don't think I'm ever going to learn enough Punjabi and build up my confidence enough. I've been making really slow progress and it's just not good enough for me lol. Something has to give. Normally I do so well teaching myself...I just don't understand why I can't do this. Maybe it has something to do with my stubborn attitude lately. ;)


  1. I would say get Rosetta Stone but that cost about 500.00 for all the lessons and if you are like me you can't afford that. You might want to check it's free site not sure if offers what you are looking to learn or not but it might be help. I'm going their to learn hindi, however ever just like you I'm begin super slow at it lately I have not been there in while lazy lately gotta get back in the groove of things! I hope that you find someone or something to help you out.

  2. I contacted Rosetta Stone and they have never made nor do they intend to make a Punjabi set. That really sucks. I'm going to try that site you told me about though. Anything has got to be better than nothing. Thanks!

  3. If you want to learn Hindi, Rosetta Stone is hands down the best way!
    Unfortunately livemocha does not have Punjabi either....

    I would recommend getting a tutor to help you out...

    Having the knowledge of Gurmukhi will be a very good start for you!