Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Going Public

Yes, I know the dangers of sharing too much online. I've even hosted internet safety seminars and I'm educated in the law of online information and privacy. With all that I'm still ready to venture out into linking some of my online accounts and developing this online personality further. So, if you're interested, add me on FaceBook.

My FaceBook

I didn't just make that account today. I've had it for a while just haven't done much with it. I started it as a online gaming profile then moved on to trying to meet new people, now it's going to be my professional profile. I think I may even start posting more online saftey information on the page I have attached to it. I really need to start keeping that updated.

And yes...I do have too much time on my hands....I need local friends so I can get off this computer and out of this butt hurts! ;)

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