Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beware of Looking Out of Train Windows

I kind of like traveling on the the India Rail system. It gives me the chance to laugh and giggle and carry on with my hubby about all sorts of things. We get to see lots of interesting people on the train and we pass through cities he loves to tell me about. So it's kind of a learning experience and I get to see sites without having to stop and pay the obnoxiously inflated tourist prices. (Just an example: a resident ticket to the Taj Mahal = 20 INR; my ticket to the Taj Mahal = 750 yeah!)

This recent trip was no different except I actually dozed off a few times. Usually I'm too excited to sleep or too nervous because I have packed something I don't want to go missing. On the trip down there was this group of 3 ppl 2 rows ahead of us that I thought were together but they were not. They were so much alike I'm not sure how the Indian rail system magically seated them like that but they did. The train hadn't even started moving when these 3 ppl started complaining and it was like that the whole trip! The water bottle didn't come with a cup - what kind of train was this and she's too civilized to drink from the bottle. Then the newspaper wasn't in Hindi, and they needed a copy in each language. Next the train shouldn't have to stop so much and for so long it was only gonna make us late (the train arrived early btw). The tea water wasn't hot enough and the outside of the container was wet. The list goes on.

I saw the usual, about 10 men alongside the road in the fields doing their 'business' which you would think would teach my stubborn behind not to look out the window. However, I can't help but want to see all the sites. The temples along the way, the monuments we pass. I love all the discussions I have with hubby about the things we see. He gets so excited.

On the way home I think I got enough of a shock I won't be looking out any train windows for a while. We were nearing one of the stations where the train stops and I can't for the life of me remember where. Hubby had asked me earlier to open the curtain so we could see out and talk since we were done dozing off. It had been fascinating. I saw children playing and lots of exciting things.

The train was slowing down and just as an fyi we were in probably the 10th or 11th car back. We were stopping in a city where there was a high wall up around everything, I guess to block out the railway noise. There didn't seem to be any gates around. I was noticing all the signs and the nice houses and the fairly empty streets (which is abnormal). Next thing I know there was a man squatted down between a bush and the wall and I started to turn my head when I realized he wasn't doing the usual 'business'. I was mortified!!! Even knowing the train was there and loaded with ppl he apparently had not slowed down one bit on finishing what he started and he didn't even have a Playboy magazine! It was just him and his hand! Yikes!! I'm scarred for life now...thanks India....

Moral: Beware when looking out of train windows while traveling the India Railways!

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  1. LOL....
    Beyond amusing.
    I watched a special on male prostitution around railway areas etc, so I guess I am not surprised.
    So many things go on there that you would never believe... Like the neighbour in Vishav's lane who was having affairs with everyone in the lane, the couples that hate each other but still live under the same roof, and the hidden swingers amongst Indian middle class!!
    Oh the joys :)
    They say that the foreigner price is what the Indians pay had the govt not subsidised the cost (yeah right)...