Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arranged Marriages

I picked up some articles this week on arranged marriages so I can get paid while learning as much as I can. I've found some good information and wanted to pass it along. This article is fantastic for those of you who already know all about arranged marriages, those of you who know you haven't got a clue and those of you who think arranged marriages are only a means of forcing two ppl to procreate. This article is written by an Indian woman (well half Indian) who was raised westernized and expected to find her own life partner. She has good knowledge of arranged marriages as many of her family members did not have the freedom she did. She also is writing from an EDUCATED standpoint. I highly recommend this article to anyone with interest in the subject. It was quite informative and realistic.

UNC Press; Inside the American Couple chapter 13. Arranged Marriages by Monisha Pasupathi

This article was interesting too. It's kind of like playing Devil's Advocate against western ways but, unfortunately, it is right. This woman had complete freedom over her life as well and chose to arrange her own marriage. This is a good cross between the western style of choosing and the Asian style of getting a good match.

The Sunday Times; Arranged marriages: a new trend for Western women to find Mr Right? by Penny Wark; October 2008

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  1. I enjoyed the second article. I find arranged marriages in the modern sense an interesting and beautiful phenomenon!!
    I look forward to reading your article!